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When you are approaching a WATA travel agent, we would be grateful if you could mention that you are referring to his/her tariff in The Master-Key, in order that s/he will know which services you require and communication will be made easier.

1. Issuing train tickets 7. Study tours 13. Organisation of air charters
2. Issuing boat tickets 8. Sports events 14. Organisation of safaris or hunting
3. Issuing aeroplane tickets 9. Renting of villas, chalets, appartments 15. Organisation of congresses, seminars, etc
4. Issuing motorcoach tickets 10. Passport formalities 16. Tour operators
5. Exchange office 11. Theatre bookings
6. Cruises 12. Luggage insurance

The WATA agency tariffs are held in a database attached to this site. It is possible to retrieve the data for any agency tariff by searching the database using their name. It is also possible to search by country or type of service you require.

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