All rates contained herein are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

This tariff is valid for the year 1997. We must, however, reserve the right to change the prices without previous notice, as they are based on present conditions.

This edition cancels all previous issues.

The designations of countries, territories and localities and the arrangement of contents in this publication should not be considered as implying any expression of a viewpoint of WATA regarding the legal status of any country or territory, or of its authorities, or in respect of the delimitation of its boundaries.


1. How to handle clients on the basis of the WATA Master-Key.
2. Description of WATA agencies.
3. Climates.
4. National Tourist Information in alphabetical order of countries.
5. WATA Agency Tariffs in alphabetical order of countries and cities.
6. Hotel listing and advertisements.

Inter-agency relations

The agency asking for a quotation from another travel agency should clearly specify whether its request is a mere application for information or a firm order.

1. In case of information only, and even when the agency preparing the quotation has to make enquiries, no expenses can be debited unless cable or telex reply is required.

2. Whenever a firm order has been passed involving definite reservations and the tour is later cancelled it is clear that all cancellation expenses can be debited.


Unless previously agreed otherwise, full payment of the services should be made before the arrival of the clients, and for each order a deposit has to be made.


For the sake of uniformity all rates contained in this document are NET.

Hotel reservations

Reservations: Generally, when requesting a room reservation, kindly let the WATA agency know:
1. Client's name (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms).
2. Category of hotel.
3. Type of room required (single with or without bath, twin bedded with or without bath, room with large bed with or without bath, etc).
4. Kind of service required. Room and breakfast (continental unless otherwise stated). Half or full board. Please bear in mind that now, in most European countries, half board is offered by more and more hotels.
5. Date of arrival, mentioning if possible flight or train number, name of boat, time of arrival and of any possible delay.
6. Date of departure, with, if possible, same particulars as above.

Cables: We recommend your sending the WATA agency a prepaid reply in order for them not to have to charge you for telegrams.

Commission: On account of the difficulty involved in obtaining hotel accommodation in large cities or during special events elsewhere, the commission is generally not shared.

Charges: Generally no charge is made for hotel reservations, but in case of a late cancellation a fixed fee can be debited in order to cover expenses.

Deposit and no shows: If the clients pay the bill themselves a deposit covering one night's accommodation will be asked for to protect the hotel and the WATA agency in case of a no-show.

Geneva, December 1996.