A la carteA menu from which items are chosen and paid for individually. This type of meal arrangement is hardly ever included in any tour.
American PlanHotel accommodation with three meals daily included in the price of the room. Meals are usually (full pension) 'table d'hote'. Sometimes referred to as 'full pension', especially in Europe.
CarrierA public transportation company such as air or steamship line, railroad, etc.
Charter flightA flight booked exclusively for the use of a specific group of people who generally belong to the same organisation. Charter flights are generally cheaper than regularly scheduled line services, but are not open for sale to the general public. They may be carried out by regularly scheduled or supplemental carriers.
Conducted TourA pre-paid, pre-arranged vacation for a group of people travelling together under the guidance of (or escorted tour) tour leader who stays with them from the beginning to the end of the trip.
Continental BreakfastThis generally consists of a beverage (coffee, tea, cocoa or milk), plus rolls, butter and jam or marmalade. In Holland and Norway, cheese, cold cuts or fish are generally also provided.

Couchettes Sleeping accommodation provided on some European railroads, consisting of a day compartment which may be converted into bunks for four (first class) or six (second class) passengers. Pillows and blankets are provided. Since sexes are not segregated, passengers may not disrobe at night. Slight additional charge above railroad fare.
CouponsDocuments issued by tour operator in exchange for which travellers receive prepaid accommodation, (vouchers) meals, sightseeing trips, excursions, etc. Also referred to as Vouchers or Exchange orders.
CourierA professional travel escort. (Tour escort, tour leader tour manager)
CruiseAn all expense pre-paid, pre-arranged tour by ship to specific ports.
Driver-guideA driver who is authorised to act as a guide on sightseeing, excursions or tours.
English breakfastThis type of breakfast is generally served in Great Britain. It usually includes hot or cold cereal bacon or ham and eggs, toast, butter, jam or marmalade and a beverage (though not juice).
Entrance fees(Ref par. 4 of General Tariff). The amount of money to be paid to have the right of visiting a museum, a monument, an exhibition, etc.

Escorted TourSee 'Conducted Tour'.
European PlanHotel accommodation with no meals whatsoever included in the cost of the room.
Exchange ordersSee 'Coupons'.
Excursion(Ref par. 6 of General Tariff). A tour outside the limits, though in the vicinity of the town where the organising agency is located. Such a tour may last from half a day to three days according to the rule adopted in this Tariff. It comprises accommodation, meals and transportation from departure to return to the given town.
FlightseeingSightseeing by air.
Full pensionSee 'American Plan'
GarniWhen appended to the name of an hotel, this means that the establishment does not have a restaurant or dining room. Such hotels usually have a breakfast room.
Ground arrangements All services provided to the clients after they have reached their first foreign destination.
GuideSomeone who is licensed to take paying guests on local sightseeing and excursions. In countries (official) where an official licence does not exist for guides, the services usually supplied by a guide may be supplied by a travel agency's clerk.

Half-pensionHotel accommodation which includes continental breakfast and either table d'hote lunch or (Modified American Plan) dinner in the price of the room
Modified American PlanSee 'Half-pension'.
Motorcoach hire(Ref part. 10 of General Tariff). A motorcoach hired to a party. The basic conditions of hire are usually the same as for private cars, but of course take into consideration the seating capacity of the vehicle.
OptionalMeans that clients have a choice of taking or not taking the service mentioned. If they take it, there is always an additional charge which is not included in the basic tour price.
Package toursA travel plan including transfers, accommodation and sightseeing in a given city or town.
PensionA French word widely used in Europe meaning guest house or boarding house.
Private car hire with driver(Ref par. 8 of General Tariff). A car hired to clients who will pay, according to the agencies, a rental based either on mileage or on an hourly or daily basis. Each agency will indicate all that included in the rates given, such as gasoline, insurance, excess mileage, tips, etc.

Self-Drive(Ref par. 9 of General Tariff). Car hired to clients without driver. Conditions of hire vary from (U-Drive) agency to agency, they may be based either on mileage or on an hourly or daily basis.
Sightseeing(Ref par. 5 of General Tariff). A tour within the city limits showing clients the main particularities of the place: avenues, churches, museums, monuments, etc.
SleepersSleeping cars consisting of a private bedroom with accommodation for one or two persons. Pillow, sheets and blankets are included.
Table d'hoteA complete menu from which deviations involve additional charges. This is the type of meal which will generally be provided when meals have been included in the price of the tour. In Europe, table d'hote menus hardly ever include coffee or tea after the meal (these are considered 'extra').
TipsGratuities to hotel employees, porters, guides, drivers, etc. In a very few countries tipping is not allowed.
Tour(Ref par. 7 of General Tariff). A long-distance circuit of more than three days organised by a travel agency in a given area and comprising sightseeing in several other places or towns, either within or outside the country of origin.

Tour basing fareA reduced round trip fare available on specified dates, and between specified times, only to those passengers who purchase pre-planned, pre-paid tour arrangements prior to their departure.
Tour EscortSee 'Courier'.
Transfer(Ref par. 1 of General Tariff). The service provided for the travellers when they arrive and leave a given city, which takes them from the airport, air terminal, pier or railway station to their hotel and vice versa, accompanied by a representative of the local agency. The cost depends on whether transfers are carried out by private car or taxi, and also on the distance between airport, or air terminal, or station and hotel. Porterage of two pieces of hand luggage is included.
U-DriveSee 'Self Drive'.
VouchersSee 'Coupons'.
Wagons-litsSleeping cars on the European continental railways, consisting of a private bedroom with accommodation for one, two or more persons depending on the class of travel. Pillow, blankets and a sink are included.