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Thailand offers tranquil botanical vacations

Thailand is commonly famous for its seaside fascinations and adventurous attraction for spending holidays, but the most recent magnetism that draws a large number of tourists to have soothing vacations in a healthy environment.

Botanical gardens, resorts and houses are the main features of tranquil escapes in the Thailand region. Botanical devotees will get excited to find mesmerizing spots of botanical life specifically in the highlands of Chian Rai and Chian Mai. If you need to blend the list to visit with beach destinations along with botanical lure, Thailand gulf and Bangkok will provide several options of beach resorts. You will be amused to get several botanical destinations to choose for the best-suited one.

Phuket Botanical apartments

The fascinating botanical apartments in Phuket, Thailand are captivating enough to make your mind for having a botanical therapy for refreshing your brain and soul. You would love to dwell in the peaceful atmosphere of highly embellished houses with greenery and vivacious flowers. Gorgeous rooftops and dangling vines of vivid floral bushes offer to relax in the sunny weather of the Thai region.

Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

The northern side of Doi Suthep Temple located adjacent to Chiang Mai presents Queen Sirikit botanical garden with extensive features. It entails more than 12 greenhouses, pathways to stroll, a cool waterfall and vast gardens to serve visitors with great hospitality of green life. This garden also organizes major exhibitions regarding reforestation as well as biodiversity for sake of knowledge and awareness.

The Rose Garden Riverside

People love to indulge in the urban life of Bangkok to enjoy anticipations and glitz. But many of them get tired soon of the hasty and artificial atmosphere; they need a healthy escape from the city lights to the awesome natural temptations of fragrance and colour. And the nearest spot they may get is the rose garden at the riverside with merely a 1-hour drive. The heart-warming gardens cover more than 70 acres of land with lush greenery and flora. You can take a night stay at the neighbouring resort and indulge in soothing treatments of the botanical spa which grows its ingredients right at the gardens of the riverside.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival

The city of Chian Mai proudly presents the exuberant festival of flowers in early February every year. The festival is celebrated through a parade of decorative floats filled with botanical charms. These floats ramble through the suburbs to reach the park of Nong Buak Hat located at the southwest gate of the old walled city. Where you will see the additional displays of several kinds of Thai flowers specifically Orchids. The festival embraces a large number of interesting views to form large canvas prints of flora and fauna as a memento of Thai vacations at your home. The park also contains food and edible stalls, crafts shops and cultural shows.

Nong Nooch Paradise

While having a fun holiday at the beaches of Nong Nooch, you should not miss the paradise gardens of the world’s largest collection of palms and cycads as well as Thailand’s largest assemblage of Orchids. Nooch contains gardens with diverse themes mostly Thai and European layouts. The numbers of gardens swell up to 13 to drive huge crowds to witness the sky-bridge, Stonehenge replica, elephant shows and Thai dances to amuse your right at the parks. Alongside the resort entails more alluring features of floating water gardens.

Sopha Botanical Gardens

The Sopha botanical greens situated at Royal are the most tranquil destination that combines ocean glory with astonishing views of wide gardens that contain the huge number of Thai plants, trees and flowers spread over 3 acres along with traditional steak houses to have rest and peace.