Banking & Finance


Management Software




Power & Industry


Express Couriers

Oil & Gas


ING Barings
Emerging Europe strategy review

Penetrator Brokerage House
Working the Polish Capital Market

SOLID Investment & Financial Company
A SOLID investment

The Republic of Bashkortostan's development bank

Nova KBM
Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor

WestMerchant Bank
The investment climate in Russia

Rothmans of Pall Mall (International) Ltd
Business problems: a western view

General Banking and Trust Co Ltd
Lasting traditions ... a reply to new challenges

JSC Latvian Credit Bank
Latvian banks and foreign investments

European Privatisation and Investment Corporation (EPIC)
Appointed Asset Manager to the city of Prague (portfolio $1.5 billion), May 1998

A profile of one of the world's leading financial and auditing companies

Scala ECE
Using the latest technology to strengthen your competitive position

Catching up with Europe: the success story of privatisation

CIT Publications
Boom time for eastern European cellular operators?

J&H; Marsh and McLennan
Insuring success in Central and Eastern Europe

Coats Viyella
Threading through to new markets

Laszlo F Kovacs, Chair of the Board, BorsodChem Rt.
Report of the Board of Directors

Dusan Sesok, President, Iskra holding d.d.
A successful transition to a market economy

Latelektro Ltd
Latvian alternative energy sources

A unique approach to industrial development paves the way for foreign investment
Laurie R McCarthy, Sosto Industrial Park

Ukrainian Fruit Co Ltd
Fruitful production in the Ukraine

DHL Worldwide Express
Doing business the DHL way in Central and Eastern Europe

Milica Knotkova, NAFTA a.s.
Exploration and production to privatisation

Medifarm Limited
Pharmaceuticals, finance and foreign trade

Pliva d.d.
Leading the way in pharmaceuticals

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