Medifarm Limited

Situated approximately 70 kilometres north of Zagreb, Medifarm Ltd was founded in 1990. It began as the first private company registered in the wholesale trading of medicines and representation of foreign companies in Croatia, which was and still remains its main activity.

During its seven year existence the company has been very successful. At the moment it has a staff of 50 people, most of them highly-educated individuals. Besides economists, who manage finance and foreign trade, there are 12 people from the pharmaceutical field and 2 medical doctors.

Today Medifarm Ltd covers the entire territory of Croatia, with offices and warehouses at the following locations:

  • Varazdin, Head Office and wholesale warehouse
    Tel: 00385 42 210 410 Fax: 00385 42 260 410

  • Zagreb, offices for drugs registration and wholesale warehouse
    Tel/Fax: 00385 14 551 927

  • Rijeka, office and wholesale warehouse
    Tel: 00385 51 257 678 Fax 00385 51 257 679

  • Osijek, office and wholesale warehouse
    Tel: 00385 31 126 946 Fax: 00385 31 41199

Our team of highly qualified people, our business premises, warehouses and transport enable the company to carry out daily commitments regarding the purchase and distribution of medicines.

The annual turnover of the company has been steadily increasing. For the year 1996 it was DM21,000,000, whilst in 1997 it was DM30,000,000.

Amongst other things, Medifarm Ltd is a holder of consignment stocks and an official distributor, in Croatia, of the products of foreign pharmaceutical companies:

  • Eli Lilly & Co, USA
  • Merck KgaA, Germany
Furthermore, it is an official distributor for the domestic pharmaceutical company, Belupo.

The company offers a full service to companies which intend to enter the Croatian market, in the sense of drugs, marketing activities, consignment stocks, investments, and especially with regard to the distribution of their products in Croatia itself.

For further information please contact Medifarm Ltd, 42000 Varazdin, Z.Kunc 53, Croatia.

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