Pliva d.d. - leading the way in pharmaceuticals

Pliva, a leading company in Croatia and the largest pharmaceutical company in Central and Eastern Europe, was founded in 1921. Pliva's operations comprise the research, development, manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical, animal health, food and hygiene products. The company exports approximately 40 per cent of its total sales to more than 60 countries. The main export markets, in addition to the domestic market, are the US, Russia, Western Europe and Slovenia.

Pliva's manufacture of pharmaceuticals makes up the core of the company's business. Pliva has patented azithromycin, the new generation antibiotic, and has licensed the drug to Pfizer of the US. Azithromycin is sold by Pliva in Central and Eastern Europe as SUMAMED. Pfizer holds the licence to sell azithromycin under the name of Zithromax. Pliva is also a leading manufacturer of Vitamin C. The company also produces and sells drugs under licence from a number of multinationals in the pharmaceutical field.

The company's main business areas are:

  • pharmaceuticals;
  • bulk pharmaceuticals;
  • animal health and agrochemicals;
  • foodstuffs;
  • cosmetic and hygiene products.

Pliva has a very efficient and well-developed Research Institute. Organised research at Pliva dates back to 1936, following the arrival of Dr. Vladimir Prelog (Nobel prize winner in 1975).

Pliva is investing more than US$100 million in the construction of a new multi-purpose synthesis facility which will be used mainly for the production of azithromycin. The EBRD has to lend US$20 million for the financing of this project.

Since 11 April 1996 Pliva's shares have been listed on the London and Zagreb Stock Exchanges.

The sale of Pliva's shares was the first Global Offering by a Croatian company. About 30 per cent of the existing share capital of the company, ie, 150,000, was offered by international and domestic tranches, 50 per cent each. Upon completion of the Global Offering the EBRD subscribed for new shares to a value of DM60 million. After that, over 51 per cent of Pliva's share capital is in private hands.

Zagrebacka banka and Union Bank of Switzerland were the joint Global Co-ordinators for the Global Share Offering. Zagrebacka banka was Global Co-ordinator for Croatia and Union Bank of Switzerland Limited for the London Stock Exchange. This was the first primary listing on the London Stock Exchange of an industrial company from Central and Eastern Europe.

Company name:Pliva d.d.
Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Cosmetic Industry, incorporated
Telephone:+385 1/61 20 999
Telefax:+385 1/61 11 111
Management Board:Zeljko Covic, President
Erika Kaspar, Vice-President, Planning and Finance
Dubravko Mak, Vice-President, Business Development
Darko Marinac, Vice-President, Research & Development
Martin Pastuovic, Vice-President, Production and Environmental Protection
Zelimir Vukina, Vice-President, Marketing & Sales
Pharmaceuticals:Marko Smetisko, Director
Bulk Pharmaceuticals:Zoran Vukojevic, Director
Animal Health and Agrochemicals:Mladen Surina, Director
Foodstuffs:Ivan Cerovecki, Director
Cosmetics and Hygiene Products:Nevenka Cerovsky, Director
Marketing & Sales Managers:
Pharmaceuticals:Berislav Zobundzija
Bulk Pharmaceuticals:Branko Kotarac
Animal Health and Agrochemicals:Miroslav Sumrak
Foodstuffs:Branimir Curic
Cosmetics and Hygiene Products:Zeljko Sundov
Public Relations:Tamara Pecarevic-Susanj
Research Institute:Radan Spaventi, Director

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