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7 Heating and Housing Benefits Offered by DWP

Department of Work and Pensions are also known as DWP offers a solution to poverty through welfare and pension policies.

Local housing allowance

Also known as the housing benefit, it helps with paying rent for low-income earners. Depending on the amount of salary, DWP will either pay part or the whole amount of their rent. Other factors for consideration include the circumstances. It is applicable for both the employed and unemployed.

Reduction in council tax

Council Tax Reduction has replaced the Council Tax Benefit. If one qualifies to get a Council Tax Reduction, they get relieved of some amount of tax on their tax bill. Applications can be made by unemployed, employed, homeowners or even those who rent houses. The amount one is relieved depends on their circumstance, where they live, income and the number of children and it could go as far as 100% relief.

Winter Fuel Payment

This benefit helps in paying the heating bills and one could get as much as 300 dollars. The applicants should be born before January 5th, 1952. The payment of this benefit is mostly made in November and December. If one already has State Pension benefit or any other social security assistance, they automatically qualify for this benefit.

Cold Weather Payment

Cold weather benefit is given when the temperature drops extremely. If the temperature drops to zero degrees and below for over seven days, you may get this benefit. The payment can be used for paying heating bills.

The Green Deal

This helps in the installation of energy-saving equipment. These include heating insulation and the different types of technologies dealing with renewable energy such as the biogas plant. The cost of installation can be eased by the Green Deal.

Renewable Heat Premium

It is related to the installation of renewable sources of energy. These include solar panel installation or heat pump installation which could be very expensive. The benefit chips in some amount of money to aid in such installation costs.

The Warm Home Discount plan

This plan is meant to make the lives of UK citizens better during the winter season. The scheme helps in paying part of one’s electricity bills during winter. The benefits may sometimes offer as much as 135 dollars. All one needs to do is apply.

These are the seven best heating and housing benefits offered by the Department of Work and Pensions. The application should be done in advance to prevent cases of rejection. For further help, one can contact DWP through their website or telephone number.