1. Mohammed El Sakka Award

This award is in memory of Mohammed El Sakka who was Chairman of Egypt's MISR Travel. The award includes air travel to Egypt from any destination on Egypt Airlines network and a week's stay in Egypt. The award goes to the WATA Agency staff member who forwards the best annual article on Egypt.

2. WATA 'Hall of Fame'

The WATA Hall of Fame has been created to honour travel trade individuals whose careers have been responsible for placing a positive impact on the development and growth of the industry.

WATA accepts no more than two deserving applicants each year. The candidates can be from any sector of the travel and tourism industry. A WATA Committee, made up of the President and two Vice-Presidents, checks each application. Committee investigations are strictly confidential.

The Committee checks potential honour through discussions with their families and friends. Entrants to the WATA Hall of Fame are not necessarily active or living members of communities. Induction into the WATA Hall of Fame takes place during the opening ceremonies of each annual General Assembly at a special ceremony. The Hall of Fame Committee displays photos of each new member and describes the candidate's background and the reasons why he or she was chosen.

The members of the WATA Hall of Fame are:

1992: Daniel V Dedina
1993: Jacques Tschumi
1994: JW Marriott Jr
1996: National Geographic Society

3. WATA Cooperation Award

The Presidential Cooperation Award goes to the WATA member who adheres most to one of the main aims of the association which is to co-operate as closely as possible with members in other countries.
The winners of the WATA Cooperation Award are:

1993: WATA - Kehrli And Oeler, Bern
1994: WATA - Agustoni, St-Gall
1995: WATA - Let's Talk Worldwide Travel Calgary
1996: WATA - Tourisme Verney, Paris

4. Peace Through Tourism Award

The Peace through Tourism Award is an award of the association that is presented to the person who displays his or her devotion to peace through tourism.

1995: Anwar El Sadat
1996: Pierre de Coubertin
1996: FITUR, Madrid

5. WATA Trade Show Award

The association Best Trade Show Award is not given to the largest or most profitable trade show but the one that plays a significant role in hosting meeting and its contribution to the international trade show scene.
The winners of the WATA Best Trade Show Award are:

1993: EIBTM Geneva
1994: International Trade Exhibitions J/V Ltd
1995: EIBTM, Geneva

6. WATA Cruise Award

A cruise line or river cruise company that has co-operated closely with WATA members during the year is presented with the association's cruise award.
The winners of the WATA Cruise Award are:

1993: Costa Crociere
1994: Costa Crociere
1995: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
1996: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

7. WATA Hotel Award

The association's Hotel Award is in recognition of the national or international hotel chain that has helped WATA members during the year to give clients exceptional service.
The winners of the WATA Hotel Award are:

1993: Sheraton
1994: Hilton
1995: Sheraton
1996: Hilton

8. Airline Of The Year Award

A special WATA award is presented to the airline that has co-operated with WATA members and helped clients of members as well as delegates to trade shows and conventions.
The winners of the WATA Airline of the year Award are:

1993: Lufthansa
1994: British Airways
1995: Lufthansa
1996: Swissair