Promoting winter sports in the USA


SKI USA is the international marketing programme for the premier destination ski areas and resorts of the United States. It actively promotes skiing, snowboarding and winter sports worldwide in the hope that winter enthusiasts will come and experience America's spectacular mountains. SKI USA represents ski areas in three distinct regions of the United States: the New England region including ski areas in the states of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine; the Rocky Mountain region including ski areas in Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and New Mexico; and the Western region - namely four ski areas in the state of California.

Each mountain region of the United States has something wonderful to offer. The mountains of the New England are known to be 'inviting'. The towns in New England are charming and display the most history of any region of the United States. This is where it all began for our country!

The Rocky Mountain region has some of the most challenging and diverse mountain terrain, and ski resort areas as diverse as its mountains. The Rockies cover the area from the very north of the US in Idaho and Montana, passing through Wyoming, Colorado and Utah, and also reaching as far south as New Mexico. The Rockies are typically known for their 'Old West' theme, and authentic mining towns, cowboys and horses can be found in many of the ski towns.

California resorts near Lake Tahoe and further south offer some of the most spectacular skiing, and views to go with it. Not only can one enjoy the mountains, but a traveller can experience the casinos and nightlife, and nearby cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles and California coastline during their visit to the mountains of this region.

In order for travel agents to become as knowledgeable as they possibly can to most effectively sell the premier US destination resorts for skiing, snowboarding and winter products, there are a few sales and promotional tools that SKI USA has created to assist you. For example, each year SKI USA produces the SKI USA Travel Planning Guide, which is distributed worldwide to wholesalers, travel agents and to all of our travel partners. The Travel Planning Guide is the most comprehensive and informative guide to the top ski resorts of the US which are members of SKI USA. It is designed so that all of the information and facts you might need when booking US ski, snowboard and winter holidays are just a few pages away. When selling skiing and snowboarding holidays to the United States, the Travel Planning Guide will not only be one of your most important business documents, but it will also increase your knowledge of our premier winter resorts and of all the wonderful possibilities a mountain holiday to the US can offer!

Another sales tool that SKI USA has created to assist you in becoming more familiar with our resorts is our SKI USA video. It is an excellent tool for the wholesaler, travel agent and client! The SKI USA video will create the picture that words cannot when describing the ski areas and a mountain holiday to the United States.

You can now see SKI USA on the Internet! Since the autumn of 1996, SKI USA has had a web site that hyperlinks you to all the SKI USA ski areas. This is the most convenient and fastest way to obtain quick and thorough information on our resorts. Not only can you find information about each ski area itself, but also information on lodging, restaurants, mountain services, activities, and a whole lot more.

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