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Panafrican Safaris

Safari seems to be a pseudonym for mysticism, freedom and adventure. The Black Continent in the past was accessible only to those who came to conquer it first and then grew attuned to it. This has totally changed. Nowadays virtually anyone can go to Africa for a holiday. For the average person undreamed-of opportunities open up: Africa has been released for tourist consumption. Flights are offered that transfer the typical and generally stressed First World inhabitant to the 'wilderness' of Africa within eight hours. There, modern tourism enables him to take in the wilderness that is promoted in colourful catalogues. Air-conditioned coaches, well shielded lodges and perfectly planned programmes enable the touristic 'victim' to traverse the promoted wilderness of stereotypical Africa.

Oh Africa...

But there is another way of travelling! This beautiful continent is not just there to be consumed. There is a much more relaxed and intensive way of travelling. Let us drift through these many various landscapes of Africa; let's meet its people; let's inhale and let's open up Africa to have a look at the reality, at its real beauty! Personal contacts with the people of Africa should not be limited to tourist attractions. It possible to make contact spontaneously and on a typical African level if you approach with sensitivity, and provided you genuinely desire to do so. Composure is needed, something that is rare in the First World. Only with patience, respect and a minimum of intuitive understanding one is able to get Africa under the skin, just as it is and therefore with first hand experience. This is the aim of Panafrican Safaris.

The company name shows that its range of routes is not limited to Namibia, although most of the routes deal with this beautiful country. However, the objective of Panafrican Safaris is a sensitive and unique trip through the boundless spaces of (Pan)Africa for young people and those who remain young at heart.

Panafrican Safaris realises many types of safaris, such as participating camping safaris, fly-in safaris, accommodated hotel- and/or lodge safaris, self drive safaris, tailor-made safaris for individuals, mountain bike safaris, as well as a special excursion service for universities. The number of guests per group is strictly limited to 14 people, with the exception of 20 people per excursion for universities. The success of every tour or safari depends on the guests going along with the daily arrangements. Guests are asked to join in with the organisation of the daily routine. Personal interests can be accommodated in the tour schedule for the group where possible. Antisocial persons, destructive and critical individuals, as well as guests with an apathy towards discovery are not welcome at Panafrican Safaris. They would spoil the African experience for the other participants. A trip through Africa with Panafrican Safaris will change your point of view. But be careful: after this you will be infected by the well known virus 'Returnus Africana'. You will get hooked on Africa.