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A fun-filled vacation awaits all who visit the island paradise of Tobago. I am Vernon Roberts and I will help you to experience all that makes this island special.

Trinidad and Tobago are the southernmost islands of the Caribbean. Tobago is approximately 21 miles from its sister island of Trinidad. This small island is about 116 square miles in area and has a very interesting history. Tobago has changed hands (ownership) among the French, Dutch, Spanish and English colonial powers approximately 30 times from the 15th to 19th centuries.

The island's average temperature is 29°C (83°F), and it is usually cooler than Trinidad. There are two climatic seasons - ie, the wet season, which lasts from June to December, and the dry season that lasts from January to May. English is the language spoken in this country, and visitors to Tobago can use US dollars or the local T&T; currency to carry out transactions.

Our business is adventure tours. We will take you to all the memorable places on the island, ensuring that you have an exiting and interesting holiday To this end we offer a variety of tours such as:

  • motorbike and jeep trails;
  • island-wide tours;
  • scuba diving and snorkelling tours;
  • bird watching tours;
  • turtle watching tours.
Tour members should note the following:
  • all motor cyclists must hold a valid permit to ride a motor cycle and must be able to negotiate narrow dirt roads, steep hills, mud tracks, etc;
  • comfortable walking shoes should be worn;
  • swimwear should be brought along;
  • the tour operator will provide light snacks and a tasty indigenous lunch for all participants.
The tour begins at 9.00am on the northern side of the island, in the village of Plymouth (which was the first capital of Tobago). Tour members can also view the ruins of the ancient Plymouth sugar mill (constructed by African slaves in the early 18th century). You will also visit the 'mysterious tombstone' where Betty Stevens was buried. This particular stone carries a famous riddle that has been baffling visitors for centuries.

The tour then moves to the mountain village of Golden Lane, where one can find the island's largest and oldest 'silk cotton' tree (estimated to be over 150 years old). This village is also reputed to contain the grave of a legendary witch named 'Gang Gang Sara'. It is said that she flew to Tobago from Africa, but was unable to return because she had eaten a forbidden substance.

The next exiting stop on the trail is the old village of Les Coteau for a cool refreshing dip in the secluded Dennette waterfall. The tour continues on through the oldest forest reserve in the Caribbean and stops in the very scenic village of Charlotteville. Tired tour members can take a well-deserved rest and bathe in the crystal-clear sea water. The tour resumes and follows an old, abandoned sugar cane trail through lush vegetation, where visitors can observe various aspects of the island's wild life. The tour ends at approximately 5.50pm, in Scarborough, the island's main town.

A great time is usually had by all. If you are a bike or jeep fan, then this tour is for you.

Island tours

For those who prefer the more traditional method of sightseeing, we offer our more leisurely island tours. Visitors will be driven to the many historical and scenic spots on the island, some of which are: Fort King George, the Scarborough botanical gardens, the Mt. St George water wheel, Argyle waterfall, Fort Granby and the Tobago forest reserve. This is the oldest forest reserve in the Western hemisphere and was established in 1769. Tours are also offered to Plymouth, the first Capital of Tobago, with the ruins of the 18th-century Fort James, Mysterious Tomb stone and Plymouth Beach where the first Courlanders arrived.


Adventure tours also cater to the swimming enthusiast. We offer numerous dive sites in addition to reef tours (in a glass-bottomed boat). All equipment and training will be provided by certified divers.

Tobago possesses a wide variety of coral life (39 different species), including one of the largest brain coral formations in the world. The island's waters contain a wealth of submarine life such as: vegetation, fishes, turtles, lobsters, sting rays and friendly manta rays. Each dive is guaranteed to be a unique experience. Once you explore these gorgeous, untouched dive sites you will always have the inclination to return again... as the majestic leather-back turtles have been doing for centuries. We invite you to the Tobago Dive experience!

Bird watching tours

For the bird watching enthusiast, we offer you some excellent opportunities to view some of the over 100 species of birds in Tobago and Trinidad.

We invite you to pack your bags with the following items: binoculars, camera and hiking gear. Get ready to experience the colourful species of hummingbirds, parrots, cocricos, scarlet ibis, ducks, mot mots and many others in their natural habitat. Here in Tobago, bird watching tours are made to the Grafton Bird sanctuary, Merchinson Estate, Buccoo Bird Site and also to Little Tobago (a small island off the mainland).

Little Tobago is the breeding ground for many of the Island's sea and tropical birds such as the island seagull, motmot and pelicans. The October to July mating season is the best time to see these birds in full splendour. Tours are also offered to the larger bird sanctuaries in Trinidad. A short plane ride or trip on the local inter-island boat ferry, will take you there. One can visit the Astor Wright Nature Center, Caroni Bird Sanctuary or the Point A Pierre Wild Fowl Trust. Visits to any one of these sites will certainly be unforgettable as over 250 species may be spotted.

Turtle watching

Due to the geographic location of Trinidad and Tobago, our beaches provide the perfect nesting ground for many types of marine life, including turtles. Tours are offered to see the leather back turtle lay their eggs between the months of March to July. This species is considered to be the largest in the world (attaining sizes of up to 2,000 pounds). The turtles may lay in excess of 200 eggs, which will hatch in 60 days. The best beaches in Tobago to witness this natural phenomenon are: Grafton Beach, Turtle Beach and Colodon Bay. In Trinidad turtles can be observed at the Matura and Grande Rivière beaches.

We offer you much more than sea, sand and sun!