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Those travellers that have not yet had the opportunity to visit Zambia would be pleasantly surprised.

Zambia is full of unspoilt natural beauty, offering some of the world's finest safari operations and using experienced guides, rangers and trackers.

The South Luangwa National Park, for example, is only one of nineteen but it is said to offer the most diverse range of wildlife in the whole of Africa. Birdwatchers will find their place at Lochinvar Bird Sanctuary which houses the world's largest selection of bird species.

Anglers will enjoy fine sport in many of the select rivers and lakes. With its abundance of water resources, Zambia offers numerous opportunities for watersports, rafting, canoeing or boating. The lodges are beautiful and tranquil, offering the traveller a unique mixture of the wild and the modern.

The cuisine on offer in Zambia is superb, whether vegetarian or otherwise. You may sample a choice range of game meat at the various game lodges. The Zambian people are well known for their warmth and hospitality. Your visit to Zambia can only be memorable.

To help you achieve that unforgettable holiday, Juls Travel, Car Hire and Tours has been singled out as an outstanding agency that offers you an excellent service. We can take you right from the airport to your point of destination in Zambia. At Juls Travel and Tours, the needs of the international traveller are well understood.

We have a wide selection of air conditioned vehicles, ranging from saloon cars to four wheel drive vehicles and a range of mini-buses to cater for the group tours. Our clients may choose to drive themselves or be chauffeur-driven.

We can arrange your cross-border vehicle documentation and help arrange your lodging and tour packages. Our business is making your stay and travel as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We would offer you the correct health information as well as direct you to the best restaurants and gymnasium facilities in the country.

Some of our business travellers need to keep in touch with their home office or need to keep a business dealing alive. We at Juls Travel and Tours are the only tour operator in Zambia so far that will offer you cellular phone rentals for the duration of your stay, or as and when you need the service.

One of the things you will enjoy whilst in Zambia is the moderate climate, due to the elevation which the country enjoys. The population of ten million speaks English as the official language. The banking facilities are international while the medical facilities are good, with the option of a medical air lift should the unlikely need arise.

There are no currency exchange controls and the traveller may change foreign currency as required. For those that prefer modern entertainment, there is a selection of nightclubs and casinos, including satellite television for that evening in. Maid services are available to mind the children for you.

Zambia is very fortunate in the sense that the tourism industry has not been overly commercialised, nor do you find crowded lodges or beaches. The peace and tranquility existing in the country makes Zambia your right holiday choice and Juls Travel and Tours a dependable friend.

For more information, contact Juls Limited, PO Box 323863, Lusaka, Zambia. Tel: 00260 1292979 Fax: 00260 1291246