The attraction of Quebec

Tourisme Quebec

American efficiency, European savoir faire

As a traveller flying into Quebec, the first thing you notice is the vastness of the land. Stretching 1,240 miles (2,000 km) from the southern border shared with US New England states, northward to the Hudson Straight and Ungava Bay, Quebec is a breathtaking immense area of 600,000 miles2 (1,600,000 km2).

As you land at one of Quebec's international airports, chances are you have already caught a glimpse of great expanses of virgin forest, countless freshwater lakes and rivers or the endless tundra of the north. Then, as you board a taxi, limousine, rented car or special bus to reach your final destination, you reflect on the reason for your business trip here: company meeting, convention, incentive trip, whatever. It all checks out. You sit back and relax, observing the landscape as it unfolds. American, yet different - you feel a rush of excitement as you begin experiencing the unique blend of North American efficiency and European savoir faire known as Quebec.

Value that stretches money and imagination

Like other business destinations, Quebec offers a wide selection of customer-designed packages, a full range of convention facilities, plenty of incentive travel programmes and all kinds of exciting related activities. However, when it comes to tourist infrastructure, accommodation, entertainment, restaurants, attractions and quality/price ratio, Quebec is unique in North America and second to none in value anywhere in the world.

Quebec's predominant francophone culture is known for its joie de vivre (love of life). This thriving community is fully adapted to the anglophone reality of North America. English-speaking communities are also an integral part of Quebec's social fabric, as are immigrants from all over the world. Wherever you are in Quebec, new world vitality and old charm will enhance your every activity with a special cachet found nowhere else.

Where business and pleasure come together

Four cities in Quebec offer modern, comprehensive convention facilities: Montreal, excitingly cosmopolitan and full of things to see and do; Quebec City, a world heritage site and the only walled city north of Mexico; Laval, a peaceful oasis midway between big city glitter and the quiet countryside; and Hull, a highly versatile location right in the heart of the verdant Ottawa national capital region.

From fresh, green springs to warm, bright summers, picture-perfect autumns and brisk, exhilirating winters, Quebec's four distinct seasons offer you an incredible range of contast and activities to complement your visit. Golf, sailing, fishing, theatre, skiing, snowboarding, major league sports, international entertainment, fashion, watersports, skating, snowboarding, dogsledding, river and sea cruises, plus a number of adventure and eco-tourism packages. You can customise your trip anyway you want.

If you prefer something off the beaten path, Quebec's extensive network of elegant countryside resorts makes it well worth the detour with their modern business facilities, world-renowned cuisine and every amenity imaginable… all wrapped up in glorious natural surroundings.

For the corporate traveller looking for something different, Quebec is big on size, attractions, facilities, accommodation, culture, activities, and, most important of all, value.

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