An ideal place for rest and recreation

Marbella Resort Hotel

With its 276 hectares of nature, forest, fields, flowers, sea and a lot of fresh air, Marbella Resort is located on the coast of Central Chile, and only 150 kilometres from Santiago, the capital of Chile.

Marbella has taken great advantage of the exceptional topography of the coast and therefore offers an outstanding landscape, adding to that its first-class service makes it the ideal place for resting, sports and recreation.

The five-star hotel mixes refinement in its décor; with the details that give Marbella an informal character, making it a very welcoming place.

In Marbella's restaurants you can enjoy, besides the outstanding international cuisine, excellent Chilean gastronomy, with delicious meats, seafood and fruit, and added to all of this internationally recognised Chilean wines.

In the recreation area at Marbella, the professional 18-hole golf course, which is being extended to 27 holes, is a fundamental pillar. The great variety of fairways in which the players enjoy the beautiful landscape and the good state of the courses attracts amateur as well as professional golf players. In January each year the International Open Golf Tournament takes place at Marbella Resort in which players with international recognised track records participate.

Marbella has a privileged location in the region, with the highest tourist potential in Chile. It is not far from the bathing resorts of Cachagua, with a country feel, and Zapallar, one of the most traditional beaches with impressive old mansions, and the beach surrounded by exuberant vegetation. Another location of interest is the nearby village La Ligua, famous for its knitting.

Visiting Maitencillo you will get to know the traditions of a typical Chilean fishing village. A modern elevator will take you from the Resort to Aguas Blancas beach in only three minutes. The La Pajarera restaurant is located on the beach, and specialises in seafood, and with its uncommon architecture offers a spectacular panoramic view.

Only 40 minutes' drive from Marbella is Vina del Mar, the tourist capital of Chile, famous for its song festival. The casino as well as the artistic and cultural activities are attractive recreational alternatives during the year.

Located on a tableland 100 metres above sea level, Marbella Resort offers a privileged view over the Pacific Ocean. In few places in Chile can one enjoy a sunset such as at Marbella.

For more information, contact Marbella Resort Hotel, Cruz del Sur 1336, Edificio Pasco, Santiago, Chile. Tel: 00 563 293 1155 Fax: 00 562 2283198