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Kenya is an evocative name which brings to the mind of today's traveller the magic of a faraway world where nature and wildlife dominate. The well-known and widely used word 'safari' is actually a kiswahili word meaning 'journey', and a trip to Kenya is a real journey back into the vastness and greatness of an almost forgotten world, a world that simply has to be admired.

Malindi is a very good starting point for a visit to Kenya; an excellent place to arrive because of its proximity to Tsavo, one of the largest National Parks in the world. Amboseli, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, and the Maasai Mara - the northern part of the Tanzanian Serengeti - are within an hour's flight of Malindi. The peculiarity of each park mirrors the wide variety of the wildlife and of the scenery in this country. Unique indeed, but also quite tiring if you wish to fully enjoy the rhythms of the wild, to which most people are no longer accustomed.

Every good journey is usually followed by a warm 'welcome home', but what could be better than having a home in Africa, even if just for a few days or weeks? The new Kivulini Bay Village was created in the style of the African home as it has been described by many writers - Karen Blixen, for example - who lived in Africa and loved it so much that they made it their adopted home.

Kivulini Bay Village combines the beauty of unspoilt nature and sea with home comforts, thanks to its vast gardens, its charming location on the edge of a rocky cove and its cosy bungalows. Privacy is easily found at this resort, and you can relax 'under the shade' (the meaning of 'kivulini' in kiswahili) of its many trees and enjoy the high standard of service.

Should you wish to take part, there is a wide choice of activities in the resort and in town: light entertainment, sports, excursions to nearby areas of interest (the Marine National Park, the ruins of Gede, Marafa Canyon, Che Chale...) and short safaris. In Malindi you can go shopping or enjoy the nightlife with its casino, discos, bars, restaurants, shops and markets. At this resort, it is definitely impossible to get bored. Kivulini embodies the fascination of the African tropics with all its romance, magic and mystery.

Liberty Resort & Hotel is a hotel management and marketing company with properties throughout the world. They operate in East Africa, with the new Kivulini Bay Village in Kenya and the Mapenzi Beach Resort in Zanzibar; in the Red Sea, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. All the resorts and hotels cater for international clientele, and feature different types of accommodation and meal plans, sport activities and light entertainment programmes.

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