Why Hungary?

Forte Agip Hotel, Budapest

For all Hungary's attractions and advantages, it is a destination yet to be discovered for many.

The capital

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is situated on both sides of the river Danube and has wonderful monuments, a great choice of museums and galleries and a lively city centre. As well as the magnificent sights of the capital you can find more spas here than in any other European city.

Conference venue

Hungary attracts international meeting organisers and delegates with its unique heritage and individual charm, as well as with the professionalism of its hotels, convention facilities and visitor amenities. The conference industry is by no means new in Hungary, which has been an attractive destination for many years. Due to the country's membership of over 900 international non-governmental organisations and the reputation of its representatives - prominent individuals from the Hungarian arts, science and business communities - Hungary can maintain a position among the world's 20 leading meeting venues, while in terms of market share, Budapest is among the 15 major conference cities of the world.

As far as meeting facilities are concerned, one can choose from at least 100 sites, all attractive in themselves and suitable for various functions and providing all necessary technical equipment. Apart from the professional convention centres and hotels in Budapest, resort areas such as Lake Balaton and other towns in the countryside offer many outstanding public buildings and historic castles which can be rented for special events tailored to clients' tastes and needs.


It will soon be clear to anyone arriving in Hungary that Hungarian hospitality is not just a cliché. Hungarians are pleased to assist visitors with directions, maps and to answer travel questions. Hungarians are proud of their country, open, warm-hearted, and share the guest's joy whenever they enjoy themselves in Hungary. The whole country is learning foreign languages, and you can usually speak English, be it in hotels, restaurants or shops.

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