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The Austrian Hotel Association

Austria is celebrating its 1,000th anniversary. It was exactly 1,000 years ago that Austria's name 'ostarrichi' was officially mentioned for the first time in historical documents. Today, Austria can look back upon a history full of changes and events, for during the past 1,000 years Austria has developed from the mediaeval 'ostarrichi', the 'Realm in the East', to the powerful monarchy of modern times and the small, modern and prosperous democracy built up in the years after the Second World War and situated in the heart of Europe.

One of the main reasons for the 'Wirtschaftswunder' - the post-war economic miracle - to set in was the country's highly successful tourist industry. Since those days Austria has developed into one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world: in 1992 more than 130 million guests from all over the world stayed in Austria's 19,000 inns and hotels, a world record considering the number of the country's inhabitants.

What is the secret of Austria's success? How can it be possible that Austria has remained an attractive place for millions of holiday-makers and business people even though the country faces tough competition from lots of other tourist destinations?

In addition to its central geographical position at the heart of Europe, it is certainly the unique charm of the country, the eventful past, the rich cultural heritage, the gorgeous landscapes, and last but not least the proverbial Austrian hospitality that wins the heart of all its guests.

There is no other place in the world where snow-covered mountain peaks, romantic gorges, lovely vineyards, inviting lakes to swim in, citadels, castles, monasteries and cathedrals are all to be found in so small a country.

Austria - a country with manifold attractions

Austria is a very diverse country and so are its numerous tourist attractions ranging from museums and theatres to the opera, concerts and festivals for music lovers to mountains and lakes for those looking for recreation to tennis, golf and cycling paths for sport enthusiasts to urban business centres with modern infrastructure for business people and attendants at international conferences, etc. A wide range of different tourists come and visit the country every year and they are all taken care of by Austria's highly qualified hotel staff and restaurant keepers.

To make it easier for tourists to choose the right kind of vacation, l9 special interest associations have been formed under the guidance of the Austrian National Tourist Office (Osterreich Werbung): 'Horse-back Riding in Austria', 'Multi Tennis Austria', 'Golf Green Austria', 'Waves and Tracks in Austria', 'Slim and Beautiful in Austria', 'Vinoveritas Austria', Fishing Ground Austria', 'Campus Austria', 'Children-friendly Hotels in Austria', 'Family Apartments in Austria', 'Farmhouse Holidays', 'Austria Natural Villages', 'Holidays in pure Bliss', 'Small Historic Towns', 'Hotels & Casino Austria' 'Winter World Austria', Top Ski Austria', 'L'Austria per l'Italia' and 'Autriche pro France' just the perfect vacation for everyone!

Austria stands for hospitality with a heart!

To survive in the tourist business of today, you have to offer something that goes beyond cosy beds, nicely laid tables and maybe a swimming pool. Today's guests want more than just the luxurious equipment of a hotel. They want real and individualised hospitality coming from the heart. And here Austria has a double advantage: not only is Austria's hospitality proverbial, the qualification of its hotel staff is internationally renowned. Every waiter and every receptionist is a host or a hostess at the same time - to the great benefit of all the guests.

In order to support this sense of hospitality and this friendliness of the employees in the tourist industry, the Austrian Hotel Association (OHV) has developed a training course called 'Hospitality with a Heart. More than just a Job - a Philosophy', which this means that only the best qualified hotel managers and employees awaiting your arrival at the 'Good Hotels of Austria'.

The Austrian Hotel Association

The Austrian Hotel Association consists of some 1,000 member hotels of the three, four and five-star category situated all across Austria. The majority of its member hotels are listed in the annual edition of the OHV-Hotel Guide, from which you can choose from among the top hotels of the Austrian hotel industry, be it for pleasure or for business trips.

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