Real-time information and reservation facilities for travel service providers

System One AMADEUS

What is System One AMADEUS?

System One AMADEUS markets the world's largest and most advanced computer reservation system to travel agencies, corporations and electronic commerce customers. At the core of its product and service offering lies the AMADEUS Central System, the world's leading Global Distribution System (GDS). The AMADEUS Central System provides real-time access to detailed information and reservation capabilities for more travel service providers worldwide than any other GDS.

A history of System One AMADEUS

In 1981 Eastern Airlines developed a computer reservation and ticketing system for travel agencies called System One Direct Access (SODA). At the time fewer than half the travel agents in the United States (US) were automated, with the dominant CRS vendors focused on the larger agencies. System One concentrated its marketing efforts on small to medium sized agencies, becoming a leader in southeastern US.

By 1984 System One had grown significantly, with the company's subscriber base numbering over 3,000 in locations throughout the US, South Pacific and the Caribbean. Acquired by Continental Airlines in 1986, in 1991 System One entered into a facilities management agreement with Electronic Data Systems (EDS), and by 1994, it had continued its customer base expansion to more than 9,000 agencies.

System One AMADEUS ownership and direction

In April 1995, System One was solely owned by Continental Airlines, yet attracting ownership interest from two other global entities. AMADEUS, the GDS which already enjoyed the largest market share outside the US, and EDS, the world's largest systems integrator and a leading provider of information and technology services, joined Continental in creating System One AMADEUS . The three companies have since combined their respective strengths to ensure that System One AMADEUS leads the industry in providing innovative travel distribution and information management products.

The 'new' System One AMADEUS

Today, System One AMADEUS functions as an AMADEUS National Marketing Company (NMC) and an affiliate of EDS and Continental Airlines. System One AMADEUS markets the AMADEUS CRS in the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and the South Pacific.

System One AMADEUS, AMADEUS and EDS are currently working together to consolidate the strengths of the two systems, creating the premier GDS in the industry, while ensuring that the needs and expectations of its customers are met and exceeded on a local basis. Since AMADEUS is a newer system, the union between the two companies was originally developed on the System One platform.

Travel agency customer benefits include:

  • having a wider selection of products and services available to meet specific business needs;
  • accessing a centralised global database (AMADEUS Central System) containing more travel providers than any other system in the world;
  • a global pricing system, AMADEUS Fares, that is second to none;
  • the ability to share information and develop marketing alliances with thousands of potential business partners worldwide;
  • incorporating the technology advances pioneered by EDS in the areas of systems integration and network management;
  • adding an expanding base of AMADEUS airline associates and relationships.

Bill Diffenderffer was appointed CEO and President of System One AMADEUS in 1996. Prior to the joint enterprise between System One and AMADEUS Diffenderffer served as president of System One.
Jim Davidson is Vice-President of Marketing and Sales for System One AMADEUS. Davidson manages a staff of approximately 300 people working in the areas of worldwide customer sales, marketing programmes, corporate communications, advertising and business information systems marketing.
Lincoln Rodon is Vice-President of Information Technology and Support for System One AMADEUS. Rodon joined System One in 1986 as senior director of systems and operations.
Kay Urban is Vice-President of Customer Support and Technology services for System One AMADEUS. Urban joined System One at its inception. She oversees numerous functions including customer support, technical services, training and quality measurement.