OPCE A.G. is the Chilean Association of Professional Organisers of Congresses and Trade Fairs, which comprises more than 60 companies made up of highly qualified professionals involved in the organisation of congresses, seminars and trade fairs, plus representatives of event sites, hotels, airlines and suppliers throughout Chile. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of all of them, our country can offer first-class facilities and organisational services on a par with those worldwide.

Chile is a remote country, unknown to many, located in the southernmost part of the world. An impressive desert, beautiful ski resorts, numerous volcanoes, forests, lakes, fjords, channels, huge glaciers, eternal ice floes and mysterious islands are among some of the natural wonders that our country offers for incentive tours. That, in addition to first-class hotel facilities and the highly qualified professionals at OPCE A.G., make Chile the ideal country for hosting all kinds of events.

The country÷s political, social and economic stability has attracted many international investors. Numerous banks and international companies have set up offices in Chile, placing our country at the forefront of the emerging markets of America and the Asia Pacific region.

A safe country with state-of-the-art facilities and a highly trained workforce in this sector, headed by OPCE A.G., has enabled a steady increase in the number of international events hosted during the past few years.

It's easy to do business, host events, fairs and congresses in Chile. The cities are clean and efficient, the people friendly and the facilities as simple or as sophisticated as you need. The great strides in development and telecommunications allow you to keep in touch with any part of the world from even the remotest corner of the country.

As a destination for incentive tours, Chile offers you the possibility of meeting in remote and unique spots where entertainment and peace and quiet go hand-in-hand. Only a country that harbours within its 1,200 kilometres of coast and mountain range both the imposing Atacama Desert and the Antarctic, could offer such unique scenarios.

In the north there are fine beaches and charming Aymara and Atacamernan villages dotted along the desert, impressive high plateau lakes and interesting archaeological sites. At the foothills of the Andes Mountain Range, in the Central Zone, lies Santiago, the capital city and the political, cultural, commercial and financial centre of the country. It is also one of the few capital cities in the world which boasts both ski resorts just 40 minutes away and beaches just an hour away. The headquarters of numerous international companies are located in Santiago, a fact which accounts for the large number of hotels and event sites located here. Five hours away by plane is enigmatic Easter Island with its huge Moais statues. In the south, past beautiful scenery consisting of fields, volcanoes and lakes, rises Patagonia with its virgin landscapes. There are also fantastic cruises south of the Strait of Magellan, and among fjords and channels on the way to the San Rafael Glacier.

Chile is definitely a unique and different destination: a virtual mosaic of climates and landscapes where political, social and economic stability and first-class facilities abound. In addition, the efficiency of OPCE A.G. as regards the organisation and hosting of events makes it the ideal spot for hosting congresses, fairs, meetings and incentive tours.