The Municipality of Kobierzyce

Bielany Trade and Industry Park

The presentation of 'Bielany Junction' in the community of Kobierzyce as the best place for investment in Lower Silesia

Bielany Junction is a crossing of motorway A4/E40 (Berlin - Wroclaw - Jelenia Gora - Krakow - Lwow) with two national roads: No. 5/E261 (Poznan - Wroclaw - Jelenia Gora - Prague) and No. 8/E67 (Warsaw - Wroclaw - Kudowa Zdroj - Vienna). It is situated in the neighbourhood of Wroclaw city, an agglomeration with a population of 700,000, which is also the capital of Lower Silesia. As a result of the efforts of the Municipality of Kobierzyce, in 1992 an extensive Trade Industrial Services Complex with an area of 250 hectares (ha) came into being. By the year 1997 many foreign companies had invested US$239 million in an area of over 60 ha.


Due to its location and accessibility, this complex attracts customers living as far as one hour's drive away, which amounts to 1.5 million inhabitants. Within 15 minutes drive live 500,000 people. Within five minutes drive from Bielany Junction, an area of 500 ha has been designated for a living settlement in the development plans of Wroclaw city and the community of Kobierzyce, which will ultimately generate an additional 150,000 inhabitants. Sixteen per cent of the population, which represents 120,000 people, have a higher education and high professional qualifications, which results in high salaries. The unemployment rate in Wroclaw State District is 9.5 per cent, two per cent lower than the national average. In Wroclaw city there are 162,000 private cars, giving a ratio of 3.95 people per car.

Transportation system

Current state

At Bielany junction the following international routes intersect:

  • motorway A4/E40 (Berlin - Zgorzelec - Wroclaw - Katowice - Krakow - Przemysl - Lwow);
  • national road No. 5/E261 (Gdansk - Poznan - Wroclaw - Jelenia Gora - Prague);
  • national road No. 8/E67 (Warsaw - Wroclaw - Kudowa Zdroj - Vienna).
It is the accessibility of this area, which has been designated for investment, that makes it one of the best in Poland.

The near future

Consolidation of the accessibility of Bielany Junction through the following:

  • building of a section of a toll motorway A4/E40 in the direction of Bielany - Wroclawskie - Przylesie - Medyka is already under construction;
  • planned construction of the national road No. 8/E67 as a fast road leading to Vienna;
  • joining of national road No. 5/E261 to the Wroclaw motorway ringroad in the direction of Kobierzyce - Bielany Junction - Wroclaw Airport - Dlugoleka to projected motorway A8 in the direction of Lubawka with a motorway intersection at a distance of 1,250 metres (m) from Bielany Junction.

Daily load on the above mentioned routes
  • motorway A4 - 12,000 vehicles per day, foreseen to increase to 25,000 by the year 2010;
  • national road No. 5 - 10,000 vehicles per day, foreseen to increase to 21,000 by the year 2010;
  • national road No. 8 - 8,000 vehicles per day, foreseen to increase to 16,000 by the year 2010.
Distances from Bielany Junction to:
  • the international airport, offering regular and direct connections with Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Vienna and Warsaw - nine kilometres (km);
  • the Czech border - 110km;
  • the German border - 150km;
  • the Ukrainian border - 540km;
  • Moscow - 1660km.
Technical infrastructure

Due to funds accumulated from the sale of some areas of Bielany Junction, the Municipality of Kobierzyce has been able to equip fully the area designated for the Trade Industrial Services Complex with the following technical media during the last three years: electricity, water mains, gas, sewage and telephone systems. With regard to each media, there is a possibility of meeting the individual needs of each investor according to his/her demands.


Based on surveys, over 200,000 people visit trade companies located at Bielany Junction, such as Macro Cash & Carry and IKEA. All the companies located in this area record a constant increase in the number of customers, as well as in turnover. In order to meet European standards, one would have to triple the total area of services and trade buildings in the Wroclaw agglomeration.


In the Trade Industrial Services Complex (total area of 250 ha), the following firms have already invested:

  • Cadbury's Poland Ltd;
  • Macro Cash & Carry;
  • IKEA Poland Plc;
  • Obi;
  • Tesco Savia Plc;
  • Cargill Milling Ltd;
  • Castorama Poland Ltd;
  • Pepsi Cola General Bottlers Ltd.
They occupy an area of 60 ha.

In order to expand the assortment of services offered in the Trade Industrial Services Complex, in addition to production and trade firms, there exists the need for:

  • highly specialised electronics companies;
  • a congress centre with full banking, hotel and recreational facilities;
  • a multi cinema;
  • logistics firms.

For more information, contact Kobierzyce Community Office, Al. Palacowa 1, 55-040 Kobierzyce, Wojewodztwo, wroclawskie, (Voivodship Wroclaw). Tel: (071) 311 1215 ext. 208/ 311 1297/ 311 1455/ 311 1399 Fax: (071) 311 1252 E-mail: Websites: or

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