SOLID S.A.R.L. has been formed in Lebanon for diverse business activity.
   The purpose of the company is to gradually establish and manage a portfolio of companies with specialised businesses and ideas, that are not, as yet, established in the country.
   The experiences of Solid cover a wide range of business activities, to name a few: marketing, trading, contracting, industrial, hotel and tourism project development.
   The tourism market development is a substantial income for the Lebanese economy in general, and will remain to be so in the future.
   The industrial field is also interesting, and Solid is presently engaged in introducing new industrial ideas to the market.
   For that purpose, the company has secured a sizable capital to be invested in accordance with its business plan.

Address: SOLID, Avenue Fouad Chehab, Imm. Borj Al Ghazal, B.P. 167 187 Beyrouth, Liban
Tel: (01) 330440-219014, Fax: (01) 337628