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News round-up for the week of 21 — 28 July

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South Africa: Delivering the Dream?
Hopes remain high for South Africa, but its leaders are having to tackle tough challenges [...More]
Nelson Mandela Interview — South Africa's leader faces up to questions on crime and the pace of change
The Right Balance — South Africa's Finance Minister Trevor Manuel on combining fiscal discipline with social spending
Tempting Investment — Alec Erwin, Minister for Trade and Industry, discusses South Africa's moves to attract investment
The Economic Outlook — Dr van der Merwe of SA Reserve Bank on the challenges facing the Government
Promoting Development — Dr J P Reinhardt on strategies for encouraging growth in industry

SA Business Perspectives
An Industrial Evolution — Iscor's Dr Fauconnier says South African corporations have to change to survive
Investment Banking — Jan Hugo of Rand Merchant Bank thinks more should be done to promote investment

Global Leaders
Tomorrow's World — Dr Helmut Kohl on recent decisions taken by world powers

The economics of Europe — Eddie George gives his view on monetary union

Problems in Pakistan
Out of Crisis — The IMF comments on the challenges facing Nawaz Sharif
Gloom Clearing — Pakistan's economy will get better, a business leader says

Intranet Threats
Safe and Secure — Security experts say government intranets are easy prey
Price of Crime — Mark Mottershead counts the cost of poor defences

African Industrialisation
Co-operating for growth — Eckhard Hinzen outlines progress in the
industrialisation of sub-Saharan Africa

India Celebrates
Gujral's Doctrine — The new PM interviewed as India celebrates independence
Indian Conversion — The Reserve Bank moves towards capital account convertibility

Gateway to China  
How are western companies dealing with a rising economic superpower? In this in-depth survey, six business leaders talk about the risks and opportunities [...More]
Plus: Dick Gephardt explains his opposition to MFN for China

LAC leaders   
From Argentina to Venezuala, we interview the leading authorities
from Latin American and Carribean Stock Exchanges

Overlooked Offshore? — Malta's financial experts point to the island's rising profile
Island Finance — Professor Joseph Bannister compares Malta to competitors

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