Madeira is the oldest tourist tradition in Europe. The grandeur of the Madeiran landscape is impressive due to the diversity of the vistas which constantly renew themselves, between high mountains and deep valleys lie variegated greens of exotic vegetation, and in the surprising 'awakening' of the flowers that bloom everywhere. This is a stage of unusual and mixed nature, where peace and safety reign, offering a permanent encounter with the sun and nature - in a climate of eternal spring.

Together with the Island of Porto Santo, and the small islands of the Desertas and Selvagens, Madeira is part of the archipelago bearing the same name.

Madeira is an island whose people have a talent for rendering service; commerce is one of the more developed activities and offers a great variety of regional products: from the famous Madeira Wine, a great selection of arts and crafts, with a special mention of wickerwork furniture, local head and footwe ar, blankets in bright colours, to the beautiful Madeira embroideries applied not only to tablecloths but also to dresses and garments of excellent design created by Madeiran stylists whose names begin to be know outside the island.

At present Madeira is developing a stimulating promotion to creating and put forward an enthusiastic and appealing image. New market niches were defined for which the region finds itself well positioned, such as 'mountains and walks' - the recommended walks suggested will surprise the tourist, leading along footpaths and roads which wind across the grandiose mountains and deep valleys of the island.

Another important product for tourism are the 'conferences and incentives' - a consistent offer at all levels, based on infrastructures and services of high quality effectively meet the specific needs of these groups.

And sports have also an important role - as the mildness of the climate and the juxtaposition of sea and mountains, together with the availability of equipment and adequate services enable a large and complete range of sports and leisure activities to be offered all year around.

Destination Madeira increasingly offers the difference which the tourist is looking for. This region has developed an intense animated calendar, bringing the tourist festive occasions and events during the whole year: Carnival; Flower Festival; Madeira Wine Festivals; Festival of Philharmonic Bands and End of the Year in Madeira.

If you believe that a story of such a paradise is only just a dream it is because you still do not know Madeira. Once you have arrived here you will see that this is our share of Paradise!