Egypt has it all

Tour the Sinai Peninsula to Alexandria, the shining pearl of the Mediterranean. Egypt offers you numerous beautiful beaches, spectacular coral reefs and large varieties of colourful fish.

Our country is where you bask in warm sunshine, even in winter. It is where you can float down the timeless River Nile and swim in crystal clear seas. It is where you enjoy bedouin feasts and award-wining international cusine and hotels. It is the land of the pharaohs and fabulous resorts to suit every taste.

Discover the cultural riches of the country, its sculptured walls, its temples, its most famous tomb...

For further information on Egypt please contact:
the Egyptian State Tourist Office
Egyptian House, 170 Piccadilly, London W1V 9DD
Tel: 0171 493 5282, Fax: 0171 408 0295

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