In 1991 a group of investors from the Slovak Republic, Austria and the Czech Republic established a joint-stock company, Eastbrokers, in Prague. As Prague's biggest brokerage company, Eastbrokers obtained the licence for SBCS (Statna banka Ceskoslovenska), enabling it to perform securities transactions. At the end of 1992, Eastbrokers' capitalisation enabled it to purchase a controlling stake in Vienna's biggest brokerage company, WMP Börsemakler; AG, with an equity capital totalling ATS 90 million. Shares in this company are listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. The purchase of a controlling stake in WMP Börsemakler; AG enables instant access to the necessary know-how in the field of brokerage at the European level, as well as establishing an effective means of access to capital markets in Europe and the rest of the world.

Since the Czechoslovak split, Eastbrokers Slovakia has been an active member of the Bratislava Stock Exchange (BSSE). It is also active on the non-exchange market of RM-System Slovakia. The company provides its clients with complex brokerage services based on the Licence issued by the Slovak Ministry of Finance. Direct personnel and capital linkage between Eastbrokers' subsidiaries enables the company to react sensitively to changing conditions in Central Europe's capital markets. Eastbrokers has co-operated with large investment funds in Europe and the US, and provides services for investment houses in Europe and overseas seeking to invest in Central Europe. As well as negotiating securities, the company provides financial analysis, and has a financial advisory service.

Eastbrokers Slovakia is a member of the Eastbrokers International Inc group established in the US. By turnover at the BSSE and at the RM-System Slovakia, Eastbrokers Slovakia is one of the largest brokerage companies in Slovakia. The company's direct connection with the BSSE and RM-System Slovakia ensures that clients' orders are executed on-line. Eastbrokers' team of experts, which provides a whole range of services in the capital market, guarantees an advantageous investment. Advanced and customised services have earned Eastbrokers Slovakia international recognition.

Our company has been in contact with international investors. Besides individual services, Eastbrokers Slovakia offers the following standard services:

  • buying and selling securities on the Bratislava Stock Exchange;
  • buying and selling securities on the RM-System Slovakia non-exchange market;
  • negotiating state, corporation, and municipality bonds;
  • direct trades and repo operations;
  • administering client accounts;
  • preparing financial and technical analyses connected with consultant services;
  • macro-economic analysis;
  • administering securities portfolios;
  • introducing securities on the Slovak capital market;
  • seeking trading partners in domestic and foreign capital markets;
  • administering investment funds;
  • consultant services in the software used for capital markets.

To supplement its services Eastbrokers Slovakia offers access to capital markets in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Kazakstan, and the US.

Eastbrokers Internet Pages: http://www.eastbrokers.com

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