City Strategy Department of the City of Lodz Office

We are a team of professionals, including lawyers, economists, translators and marketing managers, created to promote the city and to provide comprehensive services for businessmen and officials visiting Lodz.

Our main fields of activity are:

  • the promotion of the city;
  • the privatisation of municipal property;
  • the development of selected investment ventures;
  • the initiation and support of entrepreneurialism;
  • the provision of information and legal advice;
  • the mediation between local and foreign business partners.

We have all the facilities of a modern developing city to assist you in the creation of a profitable business.

If you are interested in contributing to a thriving economy with great potential; if you are looking for reliable and innovative business partners; or if you would simply like to see what Lodz has to offer, then please contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you.

City Strategy Department of the City of Lodz, 90-926 Lodz, 104 Piotrkowska Street
Tel: 48 42 38 44 42
Fax: 48 42 38 44 11

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