AGEMA Consulting Agency

Global prosperity is dependant on the economy and the possibility of the development of local communities. This is the only way of forming and developing total democracy

Range of agency services:

  • a complex service in the transformation of ownership;
  • preparation and implementation of programmes for developing, restoring, restructuring and re-engineering a company;
  • management system auditing, marketing and financial auditing for diagnoses and reports for firms, banks and investors;
  • strategic planning, design and implementation;
  • planning of marketing strategy based on analysis and research of market;
  • pricing of a whole firm or of organised parts of its property;
  • feasibility studies, permanent, lawful and economic advice;
  • monitoring and controlling systems designed for profit management.

Factors of competitiveness:

  • professionalism based on knowledge and practical experience;
  • a high number of results;
  • control over implementation;
  • active co-operation with clients.


  • transforming, preparing and privatising state-owned companies;
  • transforming and privatising the community service enterprises;
  • formulating a general concept of transforming private enterprises;
  • creating strategic plans for PSE-W Ltd (national power grid), CEFARM (one of the biggest distributors of pharmaceutics), JAFAR (fitting plants), also for many S/MEs for Struder Programme;
  • formulating a marketing strategy concept: planning and implementing a method of distribution for ZTS GAMRAT SA (one of the leading Polish producers of plastic pipes and tubes in the market);
  • arranging courses and business training for the Agency for Regional Development in Mielec, the Chamber of Commerce in Rzeszow, Rzeszow Business School, Lublin Catholic University (KUL) Faculty of Sociology in Stalowa Wola, SSE 'EUROPARK' - Mielec and special training for the Board of Directors;
  • providing transformation and support services for companies and enterprises;
  • supplying a report on the S/MEs condition in the south-east of Poland, 1994;
  • providing original ideas and solutions;
  • advising, assisting and supervising the strategy and local development planning process for Rzeszow Voivodship (after reformation of the administration it will become the Sub-Carpathian Voivodship); some interesting local society integration ideas - shaping young local leaders, the 'Disabled for local society and local society for the disabled' programme, a local market monitoring system, and a transformation programme.

Languages in operation:

  • Polish;
  • English;
  • German;
  • Russian;
  • French;
  • Portugal;
  • Ukrainian.

For more information, contact: AGEMA Consulting Agency, ul. Unii Lubelskiej 6 A, 35-016 Rzeszúw. Tel: +48 (0-17) 85 42 320 Tel/Fax: +48 (0-17) 620 245 +48 (0-17) 86 31 322

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