RZB offers the leading banking network in
Central and Eastern Europe

RZB has established a unique network of banks in Central and Eastern Europe offering Western quality services.

The Network of Raiffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich AG (RZB-Austria) stands for:

  • a network of banks in Central and Eastern Europe prepared to work for you;
  • a wide range of customised Western quality services provided by one group in Central and Eastern Europe;
  • experience (several decades in Central and Eastern Europe);
  • market leadership (commercial banking in Hungary since 1987, first joint venture bank in today's Slovak Republic in 1991, first Western bank in Poland in 1991, first subsidiary in Bulgaria in 1994 and first foreign bank in Croatia in 1995);
  • clearing activities and cash management in Central and Eastern European countries through one Western bank;
  • a wide range of domestic and foreign payment services with Western quality standards, guaranteed value dating and pricing;
  • a constantly growing branch network in all network countries;
  • in addition to commercial banking various RZB-subsidiaries offer you investment banking, consulting, leasing, property investment and trade finance services.
RZB stands for:
  • the top-rated clearing bank of the Austrian Raiffeisen banking Group, the largest banking group in Austria (consolidated assets more than US$80 billion);
  • international presence in London (branch office), New York, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City, Tehran, Bombay, Bucharest, Kiev and Moscow and throughout Central and Eastern Europe;
  • a member of the UNICO-Banking Group, the world's largest banking group with 40,000 offices throughout the world;
  • banking for the Top 1,000 corporates in Austria, multinationals and over 4,500 banking correspondents worldwide.
Austria stands for:
  • historical ties and
  • geographical vicinity to Central and Eastern Europe.

The RZB network offers:

  • commercial banking services through seven subsidiaries and more than 35 branches in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria and - from the beginning of 1997 - Russia; financing (short and medium-term in local and foreign currency); deposits in local and foreign currency; project and joint venture financing; structured trade finance (transport, pre-export, bonded warehouse and tolling), trade finance (L/Cs, collections, guarantees, etc); treasury products (spot and forward transactions); credit card service; private banking services, arrangement of syndicated loans, cash management, electronic banking;
  • investment banking services: brokerage, new issues, investment advice, financing advice, mergers and acquisitions, consulting and custodian services;
  • correspondent banking services: quick and efficient cross-border payments into and out of Central and Eastern Europe; professional handling of documentary transactions for beneficiaries in countries where Network banks are domiciled; providing 'Western-standard' services to your customers' subsidiaries in Central and Eastern Europe, offering multi-currency accounts;
  • excellent and awarded banking: Tatra Bank was awarded 'Best Bank in Slovakia' in 1995 and 1996 by Euromoney; Unicbank: 'Best Local Bank in Hungary' (Central European 1996) and Raffeisenbank (Bulgaria): 'Best Foreign Bank in Bulgaria' (Euromoney, 1996).
If you are committed to the markets in Central and Eastern Europe trust the network that is banking in the region. We are there for you - RZB-Network.

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