Suvalkija stretches across the south-western part of Lithuania. On 31 December 1977, in Marijampole, the capital of Suvalkija, a canned milk products factory began operations. This factory is one of the largest and most modern enterprises of its type in the Baltic States. In 1981, Virbalis, Luksiai and Lazdijai dairies amalgamated; later, Jurbarkas dairy, which produced the fermented cheese Liliputas, joined the amalgamation.

In 1995, Marijampole's canned milk products factory was reorganised into a joint stock company “ Marijampole's milk cannery. At present, Marijampoles milk cannery has five branch companies, ie, Virbalis, Luksiai, Lazdijai, Jurbarkas and Prienai dairies. The largest Marijampole dairy consists of six production departments:

  • Kalvarija skimmed milk powder and casein departments;
  • canned milk products;
  • cans;
  • unskimmed milk products;
  • butter and products in aseptic packs.

In 1996, the company produced 28 million condensed milk conditional cans, 4600 tons of butter, 5250 tons of skimmed milk powder, 400 tons of casein, and 3000 tons of milk and fruit drinks in aseptic packs. The latest of our products are instant coffee, cappuccino, chocolate drink powder, and skimmed milk powder in cans. In 1996-97, the enterprise industrial capacity was 30-40 per cent and the annual turnover nearly 170 million LTL. Eighty-five per cent of Marijampole's milk cannery production is being exported to ISU countries, Holland, Germany, the US and Japan.

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