Microsoft has been represented directly in Eastern Europe for over five years. We have an established partner network and are able to provide you with software and services to meet your business needs.

With subsidiaries in Eight Central and Eastern European countries and representatives in the remainder we are present where you want to do business. If you are interested in doing business in one Eastern European country just click on the specific country and you will get all relevant information about Microsoft subsidiaries, our Solution Providers, Training Centers and current offers available.

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Bulgaria Georgia Latvia Romania Turkmenistan
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Czech Republic +420 (0)2 2421 5580
Estonia +372 (0)6 565 344
Hungary +36 (0)1 322 4891
Poland +48 (0)22 661 5512
Romania +40 (0)1 210 4154
Russia +7 095 258 0928
Slovak Republic +421 (0)7 525 0090
Slovenia +386 (0)61 175 0999