Ventspils Free Port Terminals

To stay competitive and to provide clients with a flexible system of high quality services, terminals are constantly improving management, expanding storage, and updating handling and berth facilities.

Liquid Bulk Cargo Terminals

The largest crude oil and oil products transhipment terminal on the Baltic seashore. Terminal has 6 berths for transhipment of crude oil and oil products with max. capacity

72 million tons/year and max. vessels draught 15.3 m  for a crude oil and 12.5m for oil products.The loading take place at oil jetties, where 6 ships with DWT from 2 500 to 120 000 can be handled simultaneously. Total reservoir farm storage capacity 950 000m³, fives railway platformsfor loading/unloading,pumping stations and a number of auxiliary services.

A.S., Ventspils Nafta''
Total reservoir capacity 785 000m³
Max. Handling capacity:
                                 Crude Oil 16 million tons
                                 Oil Products 10 millions tons
Handled in 1997
                                 Crude Oil 14.5 million tons
                                 Oil Products 9.6 million tons
A.S. ,,Ventbunkers''
Total reservoir capacity 120 000m³
Max. Handling capacity:        Oil Products 5.0 millions tons
Handled in 1997                 Oil Products 2.9 million tons

A.S. ,,Naftas Parks''.
Total reservoir capacity 35 000m³

The largest liquid chemical products

transhipment terminal on the Baltic Sea.
A.S. ,,Venamonjaks''
Terminals have 3 berth for transhipment liquid chemical products with max vessels draught 13.5 m , with capacity of  2.7 million tons and 200 000m³ storage facilities.Handled in 1997 1.5 million tons liquid chemical cargo.

Dry Bulk Cargo Terminals

The second largest potash transhipment terminal in the world.

A.S. ,,Kalija Parks''

Terminal has 1 berth with max vessel draught 11,5 m with storage facilities of 75 000m³ and a total capacity of 5.0 million tons/year. In 1997 year handled 4.4 million tons

General Cargo Terminals

Terminals have 14 berths for vessel draught of 6-14.1m. Total 160 ha territory and 180 000m² enclosed storage facilities. The operators A.S. Uniparks; SIA ,, Ventplac'' , A.S ,, Enkurs'' A.S. ,,Kalija Parks'' handle metals, timber and wood products, fruit, shuger, frozen and other products.