The Past...

BorsodChem Rt.'s legal predecessor, Borsod Chemical Complex, was founded in 1949 in the vicinity of Sajókazinc, Barcika and Berente villages, with the intention of providing nitrogen-based fertiliser to the agricultural regions of north-eastern Hungary.

The first shipment of fertiliser was produced at the plant in 1955.

In the early 1960s the first suspension PVC resin plant of Hungary was commissioned. It had a capacity of 6, 000 tonnes per year.

The plant was expanded in 1971 to a capacity of 24, 000 tonnes per year, and later in 1978, to a capacity of 150, 000 tonnes per year.

Based on the locally available PVC feedstock, the company established and later dynamically developed the plastic processing business.

At the beginning of the 1980s the company further diversified its product range.

In 1984, when the production of phosgene and phosgene-based intermediate products started, it created the basis for the fine chemicals production.

In 1990 the MDI plant was commissioned, this line producing one of the major base materials for polyurethanes, finding several applications in many industries.

In recent years the company has modernised its organisational structure on a continuous basis and on 1st August 1991, it was converted into a company limited by shares.

The Present ...

The primary products include base materials for the processing industry:

  • PVC, MDI and expandable polystyrene;
  • organic and non-organic chemical products;
  • and additives for the plastics and rubber sectors. Research and development is also being undertaken in the area of fine chemicals.

    BorsodChem Rt, with its 250, 000 tonnes per year capacity, is the largest suspension PVC resin producer in central-eastern European.

    In 1996 the MDI production capacity was expanded to 32, 500 tonnes per year. As the single MDI producer in central-eastern Europe, it has a share of close to 2 per cent of the world's overall MDI capacities.

    Since the establishment of the company in 1991, BorsodChem has improved its organisational structure with the aim of becoming a modern, manageable plastic base material producer in harmony with its strategic objectives.

    When trying to achieve its set goals, activities outside the the core business were transferred to wholly owned limited liability companies and to joint ventures with foreign partners. At present, the number of such subsidiaries is fifteen.

    Owing to the implemented restructuring steps, management stability and product competitiveness, BorsodChem become mature enough to be privatised. Therefore, the Hungarian Privatisation and State Holding Company decided to privatise BorsodChem in the first quarter of 1996, via an international public offering and subsequent flotation to the stock exchanges. The previously state owned entity became the property of mostly retail and institutional investors

    The flotation of BorsodChem shares to the Budapest and London Stock Exchanges was successfully accomplished.

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