The Internet in Hungary

Gabor Zsamboki
Hungarian Telecommunications Ltd

At the end of the 20th century, real power is defined by quick access to information and its proper application, rather than information itself. Timely access to relevant information has become the key success factor in politics, economic and social affairs and in the careers of individuals. As IT has gained ground, new types of media have gradually moved into our homes and offices as a means of accessing information, transferring information and as a means of entertainment. About 50 million regular Internet Web users are registered worldwide and the number of new applicants is increasing each day.

Business processes have undergone dramatic changes. Companies tend to use electronic trade and the development of market competition will stimulate companies to apply more efficient ways of working on-line.

In Hungary, the telecommunications network infrastructure (both wired and mobile communications) is at an advanced stage compared to the highly developed countries. Basic implementation of telecommunications and IT infrastructure was completed between 1989 and 1996, and dynamic development is currently under way.

The results of computer technology are gradually penetrating the whole of Hungarian society, even individual families. The proliferation of the Internet has contributed to the wide-scale dissemination of an IT culture.

MATAV Rt is aware of this market trend and launched Internet services in March 1996.

The long-term marketing strategy of MATAV Rt is to provide widely available, easy-to-use Internet services at a high level of safety and reliability. It provides for the wide accessibility and use of Internet services, both for residential and business customers, in areas such as trade, business and customer transaction, the provision of current information for efficient business operations, the provision of content services, access to databases, and so on.

In order to achieve these objectives, a large scale development project will be launched this year, on the basis of the experiences of 1996 and next year's forecasts. The technical capacity which will be put in place in the near future can ensure that our customers will get the most advanced technology and the highest quality of service available worldwide.

Our marketing policy focuses on customer satisfaction. Our objective is to get closer to our customers, to offer them value-added services like home banking, tele-learning and tele-shopping. These sales channels, which are supplemented by the 'on-line registration system' currently under development, make us able to provide 'direct contacts' for our business and residential customers.

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