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ERBE Kraftwerks und Energietechnik

ERBE Power Engineering & Consulting Ltd., Budapest, Hungary has been for almost 50 years engaged in the preparation, construction, management and supervision of practically all power projects launched in Hungary and a number of those built abroad. From the early 1990s ERBE streamlined its activities with the express intention of greatly diversifying the company's range of services, in addition to its original objectives.

The permanent specialist staff of the company, numbering approximately 150, comprises experts in civil engineering and construction, mechanical engineering, environmental impact assessments, electrical and C&I; engineering, quality assurance, commissioning, guarantee measurements, whilst also offering adept pre-investment opportunity studies, feasibility assessments and financial analyses in addition to efficient commercial services and project administration.

The customer-oriented work method of ERBE is to appoint a project manager in each project who will be the personal contact to the client. He and his team are strongly supported by the various specialist departments of the company specifically structured to allow to form multi-disciplinary teams capable of handling individual tasks or complex projects.

ERBE has vast and invaluable experience in the identification and preparation of application documents for permit and consent procedures required in Hungary for the construction, extension or repowering operations related to conventional or advanced technology power facilities and transmission systems. With this local knowledge, ERBE is an indispensable support for you.

ERBE is well known and respected throughout Central Europe, the Russian Federation and the Ukraine where it has a branch office in Kiev.

The company has completed projects under the auspices of the World Bank, EIB, USAID, PHARE, EBRD, and has created excellent goodwill relationships with world market leader enterprises.

In the future when the services of a first-class consultant engineer or project management team are required, ERBE will be your reliable partner in the region.

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