The IGCEE provides Central and Eastern European finance, investment, banking and funding information, and is published in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB). Articles and information is sourced by experienced reference book publisher Kensington Publications Ltd, which is supported by the IIR Group, one of the world's biggest business-to-business information companies.

The Investment Guide to Central and Eastern Europe aims to provide a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in investing in this exciting arena.

The International Section gives an overview of the events of the past few years, from before the transition process started to the present situation. Key people involved - such as President and Chair of the European Investment Bank, Sir Brian Unwin, the IMF's European II Department, Nick Stern, Chief Economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and The World Bank - outline progress and challenges in the transition.

The Country Profiles Section provides introductory text on each country, setting the scene and putting the country in historical context.

Included in these introductory pages are Facts and Figures for each country, including GDP, currency, population, etc. These and additional Facts and Figures on some countres are also available in the Facts and Figures Section.

Within each country section there are articles from the key figures involved in the Cⅇ transition process, providing historical facts, personal opinions, future predictions, etc. These people include the Presidents and Prime Ministers, top Ministers of Finance, Economy & Trade, as well as privatisation agencies and central banks.

A recently added and growing Funds Section provides articles on fund management and news.

A weekly current affairs digest provides up-to-the minute information and investment news, along with an archive of news items for the past year, for those who want to bruch up on what's been happening during 1997.

In addition to all this invaluable information at the browser's fingertips, the site provides a Publications List of other sources for investment and general information on Cⅇ, and a list of Key Contacts with addresses, telephone and fax numbers for government offices, etc.

Last, but by now means least, the site is supported solely by advertising revenue, and we have a broad range of Cⅇ advertisers across many diverse fields of industry and investment hoping for joint ventures with the West, as well as Western companies already doing business successfully in C&EE.; Included are such prestigious companies like The Xerox Corporation, ANZ Fund Management, ING Barings, so please spare some time to have a look at our advertisers, whose banners appear throughout the site, and let us take this opportunity to encourage you to take the plunge and make the call to a future Cⅇ partner.

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