The unique geographical location of Ventspils Free Port, in Latvia on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea, has shaped the historical role of Ventspils as the leading Russian export port since XVIII century. As an intermediary in the economic relations between the West and the East Ventspils Free Port continues this long-standing tradition.

Ventspils Free Port is recognised world-wide in the transportation and trading community as the leading ice- free port in the Baltic's and as an efficient and important regional centre for oil, oil product, industrial chemical products, potash, metal and general cargo transshipment on the Baltic region.

Ventspils Free Port with its modern and dedicated infrastructure skilled management, motivated manpower, flexible tariff system and planned capacity to expand, ensures total customs satisfaction. To this must be added political and government support as well as excellent relations with Russia.

 Mister A. Lembergs presentation

Dear Business Executive!

Ventspils Free Port, as a major crossroads of eastbound cargo route, can in my opinion be thought of as the capital of the Baltic Sea region.

In this context, one must bear in mind not only the competitiveness of Ventspils Free Port, but also, and most importantly, the role that Latvia and Ventspils Free Port will be in the future as a centre of international transport.

Referring to performance statistics, with total transshipments of 36.8 million tons in 1997, Ventspils Free Port ranked FIRST among all ports on the Baltic Sea in terms of total cargo throughput.

This volume of cargo could easily increase to 50 million tons annually under favourable economic and political conditions.

In order to realize our objectives, we draw on the experience of the leading ports in Europe and carefully the plans of our neighbours to upgrade existing or to develop new port facilities.

Feasibility studies have shown that a capital investment in Ventspils Free Port to expand its cargo turnover to 50- 60 million tons per year, will be from 2 to 5 time less of the capital cost required to build new terminals and ports with equivalent capacity elsewhere in the Baltic.

Ventspils Free Port offers its clients and partners the most secure and successful service in the Baltic Region. The management of the Ventspils Free Port not only understands the market situation in Russia, Belorus, the Ukraine, and Kazakstan, but also in Central and Western Europe, and America and Asia.

In the nearest future, Ventspils Free Port will be able to offer its clients an even broader range of high quality services with competitive tariffs.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the clients and partners of Ventspils Free Port with whom we have done business in the past and to express my strong wish that our joint effort would continue to lead to success.

To those with whom we have not yet had the pleasure of working, I extend an invitation to joint the ranks of our partners and clients.

We are ready to expand the potential of the Ventspils Free Port in order to remain competitive and to continue being the most economical and secure transport hub between East and the West

Sincerely yours
Aivars Lembergs
Chairman of the Ventspils Town Council.
Chairman of the Ventspils Free Port Board