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Setting the scene

In contrast with Belarus, the Ukraine since independence has strengthened its links with the West and stood up to Russia's pressure, most notably over the status of the former Soviet Black Sea fleet stationed at the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol. Ukraine took the lead in creating an independent military and was among the first post-Soviet states to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's (NATO's) Partnership for Peace initiative.

The country is still struggling economically (GDP fell by 12 per cent in 1995), and privatisation is slow; since 1991 Ukraine has attracted only US$800 million in foreign investment. Lingering trade restrictions highlight limited success in implementing reform. Nevertheless, the country's location and its plentiful natural gas reserves bode well for the future.

Key economic indicators
Capital KIEV
Area (Sq km) 603,700
Population (m) 52.1
GDP/Capita (1995) US$643
President Leonid Kuchma
Currency hryvna /: 1US$ 2.0 (FT 29/05/98)

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