Pursuant to the 'Resolution on Energy Use and Supply Strategy in Slovenia' (Official Gazette of the RS, No 9/96) the Trbovlje Power Plant announces the

Public invitation

to preliminary tendering for delivery of main equipment and services for the new unit TET 3 Trbovlje Power Plant, Slovenia will construct a new 200 MW unit (or optionally 150 MW) for TPP Trbovlje called TET 3 (Termo Elektrarna Trbovlje) which will replace the existing TET 2. Construction will take place between 1999 and 2003.

The subject of the preliminary tendering is the main equipment, facilities and services for the new unit. It comprises four main packages: a fluidised bed combustion boiler and or conventional pulverised boiler, an FGD plant and a steam turbine plant.

The Tender Documents and any further information can be obtained from:
Termoelektrarna Trbovlje d.o.o.
Mr Branko Luksic, Manager of the Development and Investment Department
Ob zeleznici 27
Phone: +386 601 22 407
Fax: +386 601 26 090

General information on the project

The new unit TET 3 will be constructed in order to enable the continuation of coal excavation and power generation in Trbovlje and will begin operating after the close down of the existing 125 MW unit TET 2.

The replacement unit will be designed in accordance with modern environmental quality standards and consequently will comply with all severe emission reduction criteria. Replacing the existing TET 2 with the TET 3 unit therefore represents an important ecological improvement.

It is anticipated that the brown coal mine Trbovlje-Hrastnik will only supply the TPP Trbovlje. The replacement unit will achieve a yearly consumption of 600,000 to 800,000 tons of coal and electric energy production will range from approximately 600 to 800 Gwh. A 150 MW figure was evaluated as a minimal power output and is considered as a suboptimal alternative.

The schedule of the project proposes that the bidding procedure should take place in 1998. The start of the construction of the new unit TET 3 is planned in 1999 and the start up and trial run in 2003.

General information on the employer


The employer of the project is Trbovlje Power Plant (Termoelektrarna Trbovlje), a public company, owned by the State. As well as producing electrical energy, the company also maintains buildings, equipment, facilities, warehouses and fuel stores and engineers and erects electric power facilities.

Power generation has a long tradition at the location of the TPP Trbovlje. Three older boilers forming unit TET 1 are nowadays out of operation and the Employer operates TET 2 and two gas turbine units which contribute five to ten per cent of Slovenian power generation. Gas turbine units of 31MW output are used as reserve and peak load units for the Slovenian electric power system and operate in simple cycles for up to 200 operating hours per year.

The 125 MW unit TET 2 is a coal-fired unit that uses brown coal from the Trbovlje and Hrastnik Mine. Its consumption amounts to 700,000 tons per year, producing between 550 and 650 GWh per year.

The TET 2 unit has been in operation since 1968 and will cease operation in 2004.

General information

Headquarters address:
Termoelektrarna Trbovlje,
Ob zeleznici 27, 1420 Trbovlje, Slovenija
Telephone number: +386/601 21-633, 26-633
Telefax number: +386/601 26-090
Legal status: Public company, Official Gazette No 47/96
Registered with: Basic Court of Ljubljana, Ljubljana Office
Entry into Court's Register: May 26, 1992, seg 2114/92
Type of production: Thermal power generation and electrical energy production
Register number: 5035511
Code of activity: 010102
Bank: Ljubljanska Banka - Banka Zasavje, d.d., Trbovlje
Account number: 52700-601-11513
Investor's key personnel
General Manager: Janez Perger
Special authority employees: Stojan Baloh - Technical Manager, Branko Luksic - Manager of Development and Investment Department, Edvard Lavtar - Finance Manager, Alojz Zalokar - Human Resource Manager

Qualification structure and number of personnel as per 31 December
BSc20 20 17 19 21 20
Engineer52 50 53 47 48 47
Secondary education135 137 131 126 121 113
Highly skilled135 128 123 114 111 109
Skilled1 2 2 2 2 2
Semi-skilled114 108 103 101 91 86
Unskilled24 22 23 20 20 15
Total481 467 452 429 414 392

Construction and operation of TET 3 will be by a limited liability company; called TET 3; the Power Plant Trbovlje will be the founder and owner or joint-owner.

Purpose of preliminary tender

This public invitation for preliminary tendering has been published in order to obtain the technical, financial and commercial data necessary for the preparation of technical and financial documentation for the construction of TET 3.

The basic objectives of this preliminary invitation are:

to establish who the possible bidders for equipment and services supply are before the official public invitation in 1998. On this basis the employer will form a short-list of eventual bidders which can be added to before the invitation.

To gather the main equipment data necessary to prepare documentation to obtain a site permit.

On the basis of data obtained, individual systems optimisations will be carried out (cold end, eventual district heating station, pump redundancy, live steam pressure) in order to be able to define an optimal solution for the TET 3 unit.

To acquire reference facilities data

To obtain high quality technical data so that preparing accurate tender documentation for the supply of equipment and services would be possible.

To obtain financial and commercial data to evaluate the feasibility of the project and for the government of the Republic of Slovenia to undertake financial planning.

Project description

On the platform of the TPP Trbovlje there is a 125 MW coal-fired unit, TPP Trbovlje 2 and two gas turbines each with a 31 MW power output. Up to now, the TPP Trbovlje has contributed five to ten per cent of Slovenian electric power generation.

Raw material


Exploitable and projecting reserves in the coal basins around Trbovlje and Hrastnik coal mines amount to 58 million tons while geological reserves of the same categories are estimated at 24 million tons.

The large quantity of coal of higher heating value in both mines allows at least a 30-year operation period for TET 3.

In case the Trbovlje and Hrastnik mines do not realise the productivity and cost structure predicted by the feasibility study, TET 3 has a fluidised bed combustion boiler to enable a switch from local brown coal to commercial hard coal later in the life cycle of the plant.


The main water resource for supplying the unit TET 3 is the Sava river and it will be mainly used as cooling and process water.

Basic characteristics and operating conditions

If due to technological or other limitations the tenderer cannot offer the 200MW Fluidised Bed Combustion Plant, a FBC plant with lower power output can be offered, but TET 3's power output should not be lower than 150MW.

Dust, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emissions will be in permissable values which are on the same levels in Slovenia as in the most developed countries.

The TET 3 unit will be normally operated as a variable load unit. Load following will be possible during nights and weekends and also shut-down during weekends. Equivalent full load operation time is assumed to be about 3,000-4,500 hours per year.

The Slovenian electric power system (herein below EPS) requirements are as follows:

  • unit disconnection by frequency change;
  • station service existence possibility;
  • unit operation in isolated network;
  • continuous power changing;
  • step power changing.

The start of the new unit construction is planned for late 1999, while the start-up and trial operation of the plant will be in 2003; according to the regulations the TET 2 unit will cease operations by 1 July, 2004 at the latest.

Organisation of the project implementation

The Ministry of Economic Affairs will define project implementation during implementation it is considered that the Power Plant will be the owner or joint-owner of the new unit.

If foreign capital is invested in the project, the new plant will be organised separately and registered as a limited liability company.

Subject of tendering

The Subject of preliminary tendering is:

  • design;
  • manufacturing and shop tests;
  • transport to the site;
  • storage;
  • erection,
  • commissioning;
  • training of employer's operation and maintenance personnel;
  • delivery of the spare parts;
  • insurance for equipment and works;

for the following main equipment packages:
A Fluidised Bed Combustion Boiler
B Conventional Pulverised Boiler
C FGD Plant and
D Steam Turbogenerator Cycle.

The tenderers can offer any package or any combination of packages.

In addition to the above defined services and supplies for the main equipment packages, the tenderers are requested to submit project financing data. The proposed project financing may be given for individual packages or may relate to the project as a whole.