Kovinar joint-stock company was founded in 1954 and now has 110 employees and 13,300m2 of working space (including an 800m2 area for production, a warehouse, shop, restaurant, administration office and car park).

The primary activity of Kovinar is truck interior finishing, civil engineering and steel and aluminium construction, facades, waterproof doors and motorway railings.

The secondary activity of Kovinar is producing special industrial machines and equipment for ventilation, air-conditioning and extractors, in addition to transporting equipment.

We also carry out metal refining.

Fifty per cent of our production capacity is concentrated on aluminium in civil engineering (building facades, doors, windows, etc.). We are seeking future collaboration in this field.

We provide a service and products in the aluminium field of civil engineering.

We are planning to develop a plastic joiner's workshop and are investing in the purchase of materials and machinery for this programme.

Kovinar is a civil engineering company producing aluminium products, plastics and steel.

Our products include:

For further information, please contact:

Slavko Barisic
Osijek, J.J. Strossmayera 167

385 031 164 400

385 031 165 262

385 031 161 733