Matador a.s. Puchov is a holding company with 14 subsidiaries. The company is one of the largest chemical industry producers within the Slovak Republic. Matador a.s. Puchov provides employment for more than 6,300 people and its turnover in 1996 exceeded amount of 390 millions US$. Business activities of the company comprise of:
  • production of rubber tyres;
  • production of various rubber products;
  • retreading and repairs of rubber tyres;
  • wholesale business of rubber products and raw materials;
  • research and development of natural and technical science sectors;
  • services to motorists, except to repairs of motor vehicles;
  • production of machines and devices for rubber industry.

History of the Matador trade mark

The Matador rubber and belt factory in Bratislava-Petrzalka was established in 1905. Production was geared towards technical necessities but was later expanded to include the production of conveyor belts, rubber heels, air tyres and sealing plates for high pressures. In 1925 Matador began experimenting with the production of tyres. The foundation stone for the new company Matador at Puchov was laid in 1947. Official production of the first Matador tyre in the Puchov plant was inaugurated in 1950. The production profile of the Puchov Matador plant has been gradually enlarged by protective flaps in 1954, conveyor belts in 1955 and by truck radial tyres in 1968. The Rubber Research Institute at Puchov was established in 1987. The state-owned company was transformed to a joint-stock company in 1990 and its changeover to a private company was completed in 1994.

Quality and ecology

In accordance with norms ISO 9001, a system of tyre production was certified by the Det Norske Veritas company; in accordance with norms ISO 9001 a system of production of conveyor belts, inner tubes and technical rubber products was certificated by Tuv Bayern Sachsen. Matador a.s. Puchov has been included in the Volkswagen A group suppliers. In line with the British national norms of 7750 & ISO/DIS 14 001, a system of Environmental Management (EMS) was certified by the Det Norske Veritas company.

Matador a.s. Puchov
Terezie Vansovej 1054/45
02032 Puchov, Slovak Republic
Tel: +421-825-2549, 2351-9
Fax: +421-825-42 403, 61 2529