INTER TIMEX is a company with limited liability in private ownership; with a nominal capital of 2.5 million DEM; licensed for all types of securities dealings.

In 1995, INTER TIMEX'S dealings on the stock and OTC market yielded a turnover of 180 million DEM and the company ranked 10th out of the 45 members of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.

In 1995, INTER TIMEX adjusted its operations to the new Slovenian legislation, to the very strict conditions required for a licence to deal in securities.

The INTER TIMEX head office is in Ljubljana.

Present activities and organisation

INTER TIMEX has three departments: securities sales department, analytical and modelling department for corporate finance and corporate capital restructuring and proxy voting and management.

Securities Sales Department and Securities Management

  • securities dealing on its own account,
  • securities brokerage for customers' accounts,
  • services related to security custody service,
  • special brokerage trading - market-making,
  • securities settlement and administration,
  • securities transaction on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and OTC markets,
  • professional investment advice,
  • securities account management,
  • portfolio management,
  • public and private placements.

Analytic and Modelling Department For Corporate Finance, Corporate Capital Restructuring and Investment

  • valuing unquoted company shares,
  • mergers and acquisitions,
  • corporate action,
  • management buy-out - MBO,
  • management buy-in - MBI,
  • secondary purchasing,
  • privatisation of public sector companies,
  • debt renegotiation,
  • rescue/turnaround,
  • joint ventures,
  • assisting in negotiating the terms of equity and loan deals with venture capitalists,
  • research.

Proxy Voting And Capital Management

  • proxy voting and management.

INTER TIMEX currently employs 9 permanent staff members and a number of part-time experts. Four of the staff are university graduates and 3 are licensed with the Stock Market Agency. INTER TIMEX is fully equipped for on-line trade with the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.

INTER TIMEX has list of different kind of expert concerning privatisation, capital restructuring, corporate finance and management and investment. The experts list comprises more than 40 experts with an academic and management background.

INTER TIMEX has close business contacts with several banks and institutional investors in Slovenia, as well as with investment managing companies engaged in the privatisation of the public sector in Slovenia.

INTER TIMEX d.o.o. also offers full help to its customers by providing information and advice on market trends. Full customer service and high quality performance result in an ever increasing customer base and customer satisfaction. Due to the domestic legislation which limits brokerage houses from operating in non-security-brokerage related activity, the management of INTER TIMEX established a second company, Lege Artis Investment d.o.o., which is registered for several additional services.

As a member of the Central Securities Clearing Corporation (CSCC), INTER TIMEX offers the intermediation with changing title of ownership of securities, which are registered with the CSCC. All publicly traded securities will shortly be dematerialised and registered in the CSCC (The Dematerialisation Act).

Borzno posredovanje d.o.o
Ljublana, Tivolska 50
Tel: (386 61) 13 28 222
Fax: (386 61) 13 33 006