Maribor Insurance Company

Slovenia is, on the basis of World Bank criteria for renovation and development and by the International Monetary Fund, a developed country. That means that all Slovene insurance companies, including the Maribor Insurance Company, work in an area which demands a suitably high level of organisation and method of operation.
    Our country is also an associate member of the European Union.
    Six years ago (in 1990) Maribor Insurance Company was turned into a joint-stock company (without foreign capital) and became an independent insurance company once again. We have carried out a radical organisational transformation, which is still ongoing, modernised our range and types of insurance and increased our presence all over Slovenia.
    The basic forms of insurance performed at Maribor Insurance Company are:

  • Life assurance (chief insurance group) and accident insurance;
  • Car insurance,
  • Property insurance;
  • Rural insurance;
  • Transport insurance and insurance of payments.
    Maribor Insurance Company is the second biggest insurance company in Slovenia, but in the life assurance field we are the biggest.
        It is not only direct business results that are important to us. We are also doing our very best to raise our safety standards and improve our standard of living. We are trying to improve the level of culture, sport and other activities which enrich our lives. We also sponsor many seminars and consultations on health issues, offering financial and material support to many cultural and sports events (we are the principal sponsor of "Golden Fox", a traditional women's skiing World Cup competition).
        Another very important part of our communications within the market are Public Relations (expert articles and news on interesting events in our company; and internal communication with company employees such as the issue of an internal newspaper, ZM News).
        Apart from this we also offer our services at all the important fairs across Slovenia as well as at smaller local fairs.

    Our address:
    Cankarjeva 3, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
    Tel: 386 62 224 111; Fax: 386 62 29 779
    Web address:

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