Belarus Exchange Bank is a universal bank offering a wide range of high quality services for corporate and private customers (among others, investment placements in CIS with at least 20-25% guaranteed annual return). It has an extensive correspondent network and strong business links with the largest banks of ex-USSR. The high professional level of the employees, constant introduction of computer technologies and new types of banking operations have allowed the Bank to strengthen its positions on the financial market and retain the reputation of a trustworthy financial partner. Belarus Exchange Bank is a dynamically progressing bank which has new ideas and the capacities to realise them.

Belarus Exchange Bank is the first Belarussian Bank with its own web site on the Internet. Meet us at:

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Belarus Exchange Bank, 6 Surganov Street, 220012 Minsk, Belarus (CIS).
Tel: 375 172 326 701, Fax/Tel: 375 172 353 353, Telex: 252 661 ExchBy.