Neman Glass Factory

Steklozavod 'Neman' (The Neman Glass Factory) was founded in 1883, and is located in Belorussia, 120km from the Polish border. The enterprise's location gives it an advantage for trade with Russia and Western Europe.

Neman is a factory which has a great tradition of manufacturing a varied range of glass. As long ago as the last century and the beginning of this century the factory's products were being exported to many countries in Western Europe, including England. Ten ovens for making glass and crystal glass and seven lines for decorating by cutting and engraving are in operation at the factory today.

The range produced by the factory is extensive: all possible types of item made from colourless glass or two-layer (cased) glass in blue and red or from crystal glass are produced here. These items are objects for use at the table or for beautifying the home: carafes, jugs in various sizes, glasses for wine, ice buckets, wine glasses, goblets, glasses for various drinks or for cream desserts of ice cream, sundae glasses and flower vases. The products are decorated in various ways with filaments and inclusions of coloured glass, and they are cut, engraved or frosted.

The factory employs 5,000 craftsmen with various qualifications, engineers and technicians, and artists and designers. The factory's products have been exhibited at many exhibitions and fairs. At the 'Trienal' at Jablonec nad Nisou the factory's products received a major prize and two medals.

Since 1994 the factory has been a regular participant at the international fair at Frankfurt am Main. At the last 'Ambienta' in February 1996 the factory's products achieved great success. At Madrid in 1995 the factory was presented with the award 'The Arch of Europe Gold Star Award for Quality'.

The Neman Glass Factory currently exports its products to Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Italy, Spain and the USA.