Shipbuilding in Croatia has a centuries-long tradition. Today it is a modern industry, with the major shipyards ULJANIK, 3. MAJ, VIKTOR LENAC, KRALJEVICA, BRODOSPLIT, TROGIR, RADEZ, GREBEN and INKOBROD associated through the Croatian Shipbuilding Company (Hrvatska brodogradnja-Jadranbrod).
Croatian shipyards build ships of all sizes and types, ranging from ocean-going tankers to defence and coastguard vessels and submarines. Additionally, they are engaged in:
  • repair and conversion of all types of vessels;
  • manufacture of main propulsion, auxiliary and stationary diesel engines;
  • manufacture of electrical and welding equipment, as well as industrial equipment for processing plants large and small heavy steel work, oil and gas equipment;
  • building of jack-up, semi-submersible drilling rigs, and offshore tug supply vessels;
  • design of ships, floating craft, shipyards and equipment;
  • full consulting services.
  • Croatian shipbuilders are ranked high among the leading shipbuilding industries of the world, and are famous for their tailor-made ships. At present the Order Book contains 27 ships, totalling 954,360 dwt with deliveries scheduled to the year 1998.
    Croatian shipyards today are a well known partner on the world market and are famous for their flexibility and readiness to meet even the most complex requirements of their clients.
    Over the last 40 years Croatian shipyards have delivered 805 ships of different types and sizes, totalling 19,994,744 dwt, to both domestic and foreign owners from 70 countries around the world.
    The ships built in the Croatian yards, members of HRVATSKA BRODOGRADNJA - JADRANBROD, are well known for their quality and have won numerous awards from leading maritime publications.
    In recent years alone (1987-1992) our yards were given 15 awards for the ships of the year according to "Maritime Reporter and Engineering News", USA, "Marine Log", USA, "Naval Architect", UK, etc. In 1996 our shipyards received awards for two ships.

    The ships of the year from our shipyards

    Year Name of Ship Type of Ship Shipyard
    1987 Kriti Color Product Tanker BRODOSPLIT
    1987 Panda Product/ch tanker 3.MAJ
    1988 Amorella Car pass. ferry BRODOSPLIT
    1988 Shoshone Spirit Oil tanker 3.MAJ
    1988 Osco Sky Oil tanker ULJANIK
    1989 Isabella Car pass. ferry BRODOSPLIT
    1989 Mara Lolli Ghetti OBO carrier 3.MAJ
    1989 Osco Star Oil tanker ULJANIK
    1990 Jahre Traveller Suezmax tanker BRODOSPLIT
    1990 Apache Spirit Oil tanker 3.MAJ
    1990 Osco Stripe Oil tanker ULJANIK
    1990 Hornbay Reefer/Ro-Ro carr. ULJANIK
    1990 Lysfoss Pallet carrier KRALJEVICA
    1992 Franz Suell Car pass. ferry BRODOSPLIT
    1992 Nyhaap Oil tanker 3.MAJ
    1996 Trogir Oil/Ch tanker BRODOTROGIR
    1996 Jadropolov Pride Cont. vessel 3.MAJ

    ULJANIK, Pula
    Phone: +385 52/24 322
    Fax: +385 52/211 250
    Phone: +385 21/521 222
    Fax: +385 21/521 351
    VIKTOR LENAC, Rijeka
    Phone: +385 51/216 255
    Fax: +385 51/217 033
    TROGIR, Trogir
    Phone: +385 21/881 555
    Fax: +385 21/881 881
    GREBEN, Vela Luka
    Phone: +385 20/212 028
    Fax: +385 20/812 202
    KRALJEVICA, Kraljevica
    Phone: +385 51/281 222
    Fax: +385 51/281 552
    RADEZ, Blato
    Phone: +385 20/851 244
    Fax: +385 20/851 202
    3. MAJ, Rijeka
    Phone: +385 51/614 111
    Fax: +385 51/264 962
    INKOBROD, Korcula
    Phone: +385 20/711 002
    Fax: +385 20/711 342

    Ave. V. Holjevca 20, 10020 ZAGREB, Croatia
    Phone: +385/1/65 54 111; +385/1/65 51 657
    Fax: +385/1/6528 420 +385/1/652 8699