BROKER-RING Budapest - Szeged - Zalaerszeg

BROKER-RING is a union of three ambitious Hungarian insurance brokerages acting as a network and offering full service including risk assessment and claims management throughout the country for corporate clients, operating in or doing business with Hungary, by combining local experience with an international background.

The co-ordinator of the group is:
H-1026 Budapest, Gabor Aron u. 4, Hungary
Tel: (361) 200-8482
Tel/Fax: (361) 200-8393

POLIP INSURANCE is one of the top ten insurance broking operations in Hungary. As an associate of leading French brokerage LA SECURITE NOUVELLE S.A. (Paris), the company relies on the expertise and support of GROUPE LA SECURITE NOUVELLE, as well as the professional background of the London-based international LOWNDES LAMBERT GROUP. POLIP INSURANCE is a specialist in comprehensive industrial coverage, professional indemnity schemes, further bonded warehouses and marine insurance.

Members offering regional services are:
NEXUS Insurance Brokers
H-6701 Szeged, Szt. Istvan ter 3, Hungary
Tel/Fax: (3662) 325-045
NEXUS operates in South-East Hungary with ample experience in industrial and transport coverage.
HEROLD Insurance Brokers
H-900 Zalaegerszeg, Kosztolanyi u. 12-14, Hungary
Tel/Fax: (3692) 321-237
HEROLD operates in Western Hungary servicing corporate clients in the food processing industry, as well as municipalities.

The expertise of BROKER-RING includes the organisation of captives and employee benefit funds.

Dr. Peter Takats
CEO/Polip Insurance