Tiszai Vegyi Kombinat RT.
3581 Tiszaujvaros, Pf: 20,
Tel: +36 49 322 222,
Fax: +36 49 321 322,
Telex: 22 6419

Tiszai Chemical Group Company Limited by Shares (TVK Rt) is one of Hungary's largest companies and a medium-sized company on a world scale. Its predecessor was established in 1953.

The basis of TVK Ltd's petrochemical activity, which constitutes its main profile, is 290 kt ethylene and 150 kt propylene produced by the Olefin Plant on the basis of which the following polymer capacities operate:

LDPE ICI 55kt/year
  BASF 60 kt/year
HDPE Phillips 190 kt/year
PP Sumitomo 50kt/year
  Himont 90kt/year

Parallel to the availability of feedstocks, a plastics processing activity was set up based mainly on domestic packaging demand. With a capacity of 60kt/year it is now Hungary's largest plastic processing facility operating on one site. The plastics feedstocks (LDPE, HDPE, PP) and semi-finished and finished products by-products are sold in more than 40 countries.

In July 1996 the shares of the company were introduced to the Budapest Stock Exchange and the GDRs representing the company's shares to the London Stock Exchange. At the end of December 1996 international and domestic financial investors held 74 per cent of the outstanding shares and only three per cent was owned by the state.