About the Network

The INTERPOL Web is designed both to provide comprehensive information on INTERPOL and its crime fighting activities and also to provide an interactive buyers network for all the law enforcement and criminal justice organisations in the world.

These two functions are represented on the site by two separate sections: the INTERPOL Web and the Police Procurement Forum.


The INTERPOL Web is a public site with information of a general nature on the workings of INTERPOL, including:

The site is constantly being added to, with future plans including the setting up of a most wanted criminals page.

It is hoped that this section of the site will open up a dialogue between the public and one of the most mysterious crime-fighting organisations in the world.

The Police Procurement Forum

Designed for use by police forces themselves, this section provides unrivalled information on the latest products on the world market as well as articles of a more general nature on issues facing police personnel today. It is hoped that the Police Procurement Forum will provide information on the availability of products and services that will aid police worldwide in their work.

The Police Procurement Forum comprises sections covering:

Air and water patrol
Biometrics and identification technology
Body armour and riot protection equipment
CCTV and digital video products
Computing and information technology
Computer software
Contraband search and detection
Covert and overt surveillance
Document issuance and inspection systems
EOD/EOR equipment
Firearms and weaponry
Security and access control
Training and management
Traffic enforcement

Advertisers on the site include Microsoft, i2, Laser Products, Unisys, Polaroid, Hi-Tec, Digital Equipment Corporation, Sun Microsystems, 3Com, Sensormatic, Protech Armored Products, Novell, Tandem Computers and Compaq Computers.

Articles that have been contributed include:

Investigating child pornography by Detective Superintendent Bryan Drew, Head of Strategic & Specialist Intelligence Branch, National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS), UK
Birth of a serial killer by Dr William Tafoya, Retired FBI Agent and FBI-certified 'Profiler'
International vehicle fraud and car ringing by Detective Sergeant David Lowe, Organised Vehicle Crime Section, National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS), UK
Crime fighting into the millennium by Gene Stephens, PFI Charter Member, Society of Police Futurists Int'l (PFI)

The INTERPOL Web is the result of a unique collaboration between INTERPOL Headquarters in Lyon, France and Kensington Publications Ltd, the international business publishing arm of IIR, the Institute for International Research.