Svarog is Russia's leading importer and distributor of the world's top brands of alcohol drinks. This all-Russian company, with its young and dynamic management team, above all, prides itself on quality. The company has long term contracts with numerous Western suppliers, and through its comprehensive distribution network it sells leading brands all over Russia.

In addition to stimulating the economy and profits for its shareholders, Svarog emphasises improving the culture of consuming alcoholic drinks as well as sponsoring charitable and cultural projects for the benefit of the community as a whole.

Svarog is a closed joint-stock company with 100 per cent private Russian investments which work on the market of high-quality alcohol. The company was founded in June 1992 and has been growing constantly ever since. At present, the company is a leader of the St.Petersburg market and is one of the largest Russian importers of elite alcohol.

Yearly turnover of the company is increasing and its sphere of business covers almost the whole Russia - from Kaliningrad on the very north-west to Uzhno-Sahkalinsk on the far east. Specialists think that Svarog managed to succeed owing to a plan of stategy worked out by the management of the company. Firstly, it is a professional choice of the high-quality alcohol sector of the market. The careful consideration of the wide range of goods coupled with the staff policy, allows the company to enter more than just the whole-sale market.

    The company offers the following range of services to its clients:

  • More than 400 positions of high-quality alcohol created by specialists and checked by time;
  • Competitive prices and profitable deals;
  • Stability of deliveries and variety of payment schemes;
  • Information and advertising support for the product;
  • Training for clients;
  • Reliable shipments from St.Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Samara and other large Russian cities.

Secondly, the company constantly develops its sale's structure and forever enlarges its distribution, not only in St.Petersburg, but also in the rest of Russia. At present, the company's clients consist of more than 500 wholesale and retail companies from St.Petersburg, and more than 80 wholesale companies from the largest Russia cities. Thirdly, the company has long-term exclusive contracts with producers of world-famous alcohol brands. Among them are the greatest international corporations, such as Seagram and Danone and famous trade houses such as Hardy, Mounier, Gancia, Coltibuono, Fischer and others.

The company's mission is considered to be the following:

  1. Solution to the problem of providing the local market with high-quality world-famous alcohol;
  2. Distribution of international traditions of alcohol consumption all over Russia;
  3. Investments into improving the Russian economy and enhancing the well-being of Russian people;
  4. An increase in life standards for Svarog's employees.

In 1996, the company realised the project connected with producing French table wines. By special order of the company, and under its direct control, these types of wine are produced in the south of France: red Mysteres of Paris, rose Feerie de France and white Nuits Blanches. The design of the bottles and labels is very exciting. High-quality wines, attractive appearance and low prices contribute to our success in the Russian market: the quantity of sold wine proves this.

In June 1996, Svarog opened elite wine shops in more than 300 locations. Specialists comment that our range is one of the best in Russia. In the near future, the company is undertaking some more interesting projects. It is realistic to predict that Svarog will become the leader, not only in the north-west region, but all over Russia.

24 Kuibisheva Street
197046 St Peterburg
Tel:+7812 238 1708,    Fax:+7812 238 1141